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    XPS 9560 Mojave Guide

    Added HFSPlus.efi and that fixed the issue.
  2. J-J

    XPS 9560 Mojave Guide

    Thanks for your feedback. I’ll verify some things and otherwise buy a new DW1830. EDIT: Reverted back to Clover v3.3 found in your topic on "the tony forum". Yesterday I tried out your new Clover file for a clean install. I think something’s wrong with the Clover folder When I create a new install media, when I copy Clover folder to the EFI partition of the usb drive, it won’t load the usb drive at startup. It just shows the main drive. When leaving the initial Clover folder or this Clover folder, it just sees the usb drive. Tried changing some settings in config.plist but without success. New Clover Other Clover Clover on SSD
  3. J-J

    XPS 9560 Mojave Guide

    Thanks for the file, haven’t used my second XPS 15 with Hackintosh in a while. This because the WiFi dropped all the time (DW1830) after it got out of sleep mode. I had to reboot to fix it. Do you know if this is because of a “bad” card (not a genuine OEM) or some settings I have wrong? I also have the issue on windows 10.
  4. J-J

    XPS 9560 Mojave Guide

    Follow Step 6 in this guide: Dell XPS 15 9560: 4K Touch, 1TB SSD, 32GB RAM, 100% AdobeRGB It refers to a guide on tonymacx86 forums. Just use @blazinsmokey Clover file from the te start topic instead.
  5. J-J

    XPS 9560 Mojave Guide

    I can’t help you with that, but why don’t you follow the following guide? [GUIDE] Dell XPS 15 (9550) Mojave 10.14.x Quick Installation It’s made especially for the XPS9550...
  6. Thanks for this manual. I'm trying this out on my HP EliteBook 8470p. Don't know if your clover files mentioned above are different then the one I created with BootDiskUtility, but it doesn't work. I used the Utility to setup Clover, because your files are offline. Could you please update the link or send them by PM? Thanks!
  7. J-J

    Keyboard special characters

    Just press the 'Windows key' + Alt + T A new window will open now where you can select special characters.
  8. Yesterday I installed a Mac OSX Snow Leopard image in VMWare. Everything works like a charm, but when I try to add removable devices (like my Iphone), I don't even can go into the menu. If any one knows how to make the option available... I already search all over the internet and through this forum but without luck. I hope someone can help me! Grtz
  9. J-J

    Introduce yourself.

    Just to say hi. I'm new here, and hope all the tutorials will help me as a newby to OSX/OSx86. Grtz