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  1. help with ralink RT2561/RT61

    Hey, i just found this file somehow on the 2nd page of google lol. I am testing it on my hackintosh. Let me know if it works for you. STA_CardbusPCI_D1.0.4.0_UI_1.3.0.0_2006_11_23.dmg
  2. Hey Rich thanks for the response, I recently just switched from the EVGA 780i SLI and both of my IDE drives worked no problem. Now that I am on this board, I can get the OS's to detect the, but it is saying the data is corrupted or it cannot be mounted. I am just stumped.
  3. No one has any idea why my IDE drives are not being recognized in Windows or Snow Leopard on this board?
  4. I am still stuck on this issue I touched on two posts above. Does anyone have any idea on how I can get my IDE drives recognized on this board?
  5. Hey everyone, So i just bought this board after an endless amount of problems with the EVGA 780I sli board. I have an 8800 ultra, q6700 quad core that I will eventually clock to 3.33ghz, 4gb of ram, and 2 500gb sata HDD's, one with Windows 7 and the other is the Snow Leopard install. Also I have a 40gb and an 80gb ide drives connected but for some reason the MOBO is not picking them up. It picks up the 40gb drive every other boot, but I cannot actually access any of the files. They are not boot drives, they just contain music and video files, but I still really need access to them. Has anyone else had this issue with this MOBO? I am flashed to the newest bios and all the cords are plugged in perfectly. Other than this issue my Snow install is running perfect, with audio, graphics, and internet. Thanks for a great guide!
  6. Your bootdvd did work but then I got a kernel panic just like the other one when it started reading the SL disc. I have a couple big video editing projects for school coming up and I need this running so I can get Final Cut up. Otherwise I would have kept trying everything. I will be checking in!
  7. Hey everyone, Unfortunately every attempt to get this working on my EVGA 780i has failed. I ended up buying a gigabyte mobo that people are reporting 100% success with. I wish you all the best, and want to thank Verdant especially for his extraordinary work here. If I end up not selling the 780i I might use it on a different computer and I will be back here I am sure. Sam
  8. Yeah your dvd booted ok, although the background image was shifted way to the right so a lot was cut off. It did boot my Snow Leopard , but i received the waiting for root device. If you make the one with MeDevil's I can test it for you with my SATA DVDRWs
  9. Hey Verdant, Awesome job on the bootloader! So mine gets to the boot screen but I get a ton of EBIOS errors on the way, so I am not sure if that is a problem. Also in the boot menu, the background is like shifted to the right, and I can only see the worst Eject the boot CD, and then wait a bit underneath it. Is this normal? When I load the real leopard dvd, and press F5, another harddisk pops up but i cannot actually click it start the boot. EDIT: OK so I just needed to burn another DVD and it started loading everything. Unfortunately I am getting the dreaded waiting for root device so it seems I have another long road ahead of me.
  10. Bummer, I did everything and I can get into the installer screen but I continually get a kernel panic at like 5% into the install. Would formatting my HDD to MBR change anything or should it all be the same? I am thinking about picking a Gigabyte mobo that would work perfectly but I really do not want to. How hard would it be to make my own DVD with all of your kexts and stuff on it?
  11. Verdant, I am still getting the smc errors no matter what I do, so are you saying it is safe to assume it is something to do with my motherboard? Is there any I can totally reset everything to how it was when I bought it? It doesn't seem like that battery thing did anything. I just have no idea why I absolutely can not get past this error. It is really bugging me, and I am tempted to just buy a new motherboard.
  12. Thx jchief...I went ahead and let it keep going and like you said it made a jump to about 25%. More errors and what not kept streaming in the log, and then it had a KP. I rebooted, thankfully got to the installer screen again, and it said it could recover the SL install so I let it keep going, and it once again had a KP. Since we were so similar in issues can you tell me exactly what kexts you used? At this point I just did everything verdant has in his guide, excluding the nforcelan which I wont need. Did you add anything?
  13. So I decided to wipe the USB and target disk drive and start over...I got all of the same errors, but just like chief I actually booted to the installer! Unfortunately, it has now been stuck at about 5% with 19 minutes to go, and i have hundreds of localhost reportcrash happening in the installer log. Is it doomed or do I let it do its thing?
  14. Yeah I am doing all of that as we speak. I think what Verdant was saying about the battery on the MOBO is part of the issue though because even when I boot into Windows my time is always reset to some weird time, so I guess the battery is dying?