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  1. SiS Mirage 3 Graphic Driver OSX86

    is it possible to add this drivers to mac os ????
  2. sim card 3g suport

    hello, i have a hp mini 110 c (with a sim card 3g). there are possibility to make it work ? thanx in advance!
  3. sorry for the question , ole2, in how much time the beta version will be post ? thanks for understanding !
  4. SiS M672

    ok, nick14, video is working, but with some bugs, some text is diffuse, in rest all it's fine, and i want to fix it, if it's not possible i will work in mac os anyway beacause i like this os
  5. I have a wireless network card, it's working fine, but in airport it is said that no hardware ??? can i fix this problem ?
  6. SiS M672

    where are you so sure ??? i already heard that sis191 adapter will not be support, but .. :DDD ok, i'm not very initiate in mac os, but i think, anything is possible !
  7. New AGPGart

    hello, can anyone help me with my sis mirage 3 video? this is the information ?? thanks en advance !!!
  8. SiS M672

    hello i have the same configuration laptop video works but with bugs, text is diffuse audio work (with founded driver) micro works , but phones audiojack doesn't work wifi - RTL 8187b work (with founded driver) lan driver is under developement (this information i founded) harddrive and over drives works fine usb works (but need reboot for the usbstiks ) cardreder, webcam, bluetooth haven't tried to fix it if anyone can help me with something ? if i would find some drivers i'll post them on this topic
  9. the adapter should be work with sis or RTL driver ??
  10. i kwon that, i have tried many drivers but without succes, i don't kown what i must do !!
  11. hello, i have the same network card on my notebook, and with everest it's show that it have a RTL8102cl chipset, plss guys i need this driver, if I can help with something, i will be ready in any time. thanks a lot
  12. ALC88x 10.4.8 Kext

    hello, i have installed this back for ALC883, everything is good, but output audiojack doesn't work ?? can anyone help me with this problem? thanks a lot !