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  1. 8800GT Akimbo crashing on login

    I think I've fixed it: although the symptoms were different, the diagnosis is probably the same - corrupt cached drivers. For future reference to anyone with this problem, I fixed it using the instructions here.
  2. 8800GT Akimbo crashing on login

    Hi everyone, Recent Hackintosh builder here. I picked up the EVGA 8800GT Akimbo from eBay, a factory-overclocked video card, and installed the standard 8800GT driver from NVinject. But I have problems! About half the time, this happens: It will put me at the login screen with no problems, but when I log in, the first thing I see is the taskbar, all in black. OS X continues to boot up for a couple seconds, then freezes so hard that I can't turn off the system without flipping the switch on the PSU. The weird thing is that I have it dual-booting into Vista, and it works great in Vista, with all the bells and whistles turned on and really high FPS in my games. Any ideas? Does this sound like a driver issue? Anyone else have problems with the 8800GT Akimbo?
  3. It looks like I'll be able to start tomorrow - my DS3L and 8800GT will be arriving. Only thing I'll be missing is the wireless card, which is shipping from China. Is there a recommended way to set up Boot Camp or other dual-booting with boot132? I'd like to have both OS X and Windows available.
  4. My Hackintosh parts are slowly coming in. I'm reading and rereading your guides in anticipation. One question that has to do more with the hardware: The 8800GT I picked up from eBay comes superclocked. Is that going to work okay? I know that you need to make changes in the BIOS when you overclock a CPU; will I need to change anything about my graphics card?
  5. Beaten to comment #1000! Oh no! weaksauce, can I get a copy of the draft of your BOOT132 guide? I've been doing my homework for a while and I'm ready to put together my hack with your guides, and I want to use the most recent, easy, and reliable methods around. Thanks a lot!