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  1. Product key Windows7 Enterprise and Ultimate

    LOL 3 1/2 months later and you're still trying to hack something that you say you already own? Somehow I don't think you've been honest with us. But since you seem so confused, here's a link with instructions on how to get Win7 Ultimate to work: How to get a Windows 7 Ultimate license code Haney
  2. That processor is $50 cheaper at microcenter.com
  3. Product key Windows7 Enterprise and Ultimate

    So if Windows 7 Enterprise is the same as Ultimate, then why not just install Enterprise since you say you already have a copy and the key? Hmmm...
  4. The first Mac you ever used.

    I got my Apple II Plus in 1980. Lol - it's probably older than most of you. (Edit: It still runs!) Mark
  5. Windows 7 website page not found!

    Since Microsoft has 98% of the worldwide installed PC base, they get hundreds of millions of more hits than Apple does for a release. I'm sure Apple would love to someday have an overloaded server... Haney
  6. Exactly! After all of this back and forth with General Cartman, I'm glad you finally see his point that they are substitutes, and not equals as you were previously arguing. M.R.
  7. - "Rather nice" substitutes don't meet the definition of "perfect" substitutes, which is what the theory of supply and demand requires. - Raising price doesn't increase supply of a monopolistic item (with monopolistic defined in economic terms, not legal terms) - And yes, in economic terms because you can't perfectly substitute OSX/Windows/Linux, it really does mean that they're not equal. You really shouldn't tell others to take a class when you are so far off base. M.R. (MS Economics)
  8. Gaming Hackintosh

    I'd give a third vote to NVidia as well. From the issues that get discussed on this board, they seem to have fewer problems and more native support. M.R.
  9. Question about building a mac

    That's not a Mac Pro. Plus, for $150 I could get a used PC that performs a lot better than that 7-year old 1 GHz eMac so for what you're getting, it's still expensive. MR
  10. "Use Google"

    Maybe you should just stop putting "Use Google" in the search field.