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  1. Broadcom bcm43xx wireless driver [beta]

    Hey everyone I am having a terrible time with the Dell 1490 or Broadcom 4312 or BCM94311MCAG or whatever it prefers to be called Ive tried hundreds of different kexts and still nothing I get no airport Icon. I bought this because lots of people on here said it was plug and play. I even tried taping pin 20 with no change as a result. The Card shows up on DPCI manager but no on System Profiler or airport if the switch were to be the problem wouldnt it not show up on DPCI manager aswell? I beg any of you to point me in any sort of direction. Im in desperate need for this I am willing to spare a few bucks to whomever could help. please and thank you
  2. i am having a problem upgrading. I did all the steps exactly I ran the backup script perfectly ran the system update but when I run the restore script it runs a couple processes and freezes on restoring permissions. I left it the whole night to see if it was just taking long but it did not budge. as soon as i quit the terminalapp the whole computer just bugs out and i get the nonstop beach ball I cant do anything. since I did the back up is it possible to run the restore script from terminal on the cd? or maybe remotely? please help. EDIT: I tried removing the repair permissions section of the script it allowed it to finish but the computer would freeze if I tried to open disc utillity I was able to repair permissions through the disk utilliy on the install disc but it would not boot.. any help will be greatly appreciated