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  1. A real SB600 .kext/patch, please?

    I had no problem finding .kext instructions using Google.
  2. A real SB600 .kext/patch, please?

    Is this likely to work? Install OS X on external HDD Add SB600 patch to installation Copy entire filesystem to internal SATA drive (use dd in Linux?) Change fstab and bootloader pointers to refer to the new drive
  3. OSX Issues

    MarthaTillman, I haven't been able to find an install disc with support for the SB600 chipset in SATA mode. You may be able to get OS X to recognize your hard drive, though, if you are able to toggle it to legacy mode in your BIOS. (Wish my BIOS had that option!) -ks
  4. A real SB600 .kext/patch, please?

    Thank you, but unfortunately my Dell BIOS does not have the "legacy IDE" option.
  5. A real SB600 .kext/patch, please?

    I have this the SB600 SATA controller. I can't install OS X because no hard drives are recognized. Can I somehow integrate the .kext into my installation DVD?
  6. Anyone Have SB600 SATA Support for ATI Chipsets

    "Me too." I bought a Dell Vostro 1000 like a lotta other people did on Black Friday. Same chipset, no disk drive recognized.
  7. What'd work with OSX?

    Hiya, If you want to run OS X, it's always easier to just buy the computer from Apple. But we're here to help each other do it the not-so-easy way. That's not to say you shouldn't legally purchase a copy of OS X once you're sure it works on your PC. Check your desired computer and its specs against the Hardware Compatibility List. To get a feel for the complexity of the installation process on a PC and the difficulties typically encountered, read the Installation Guides and the Technical FAQ.
  8. No partitions show up during install

    All the guides I've read have me label the partition as HFS+ with diskpart, not format it. Or is that what is meant by formatting? Thanks, ks
  9. No partitions show up during install

    Hmm. I ran Disk Utility, and it can't see my hard drive either. Do you mean my entire drive, or just the applicable partition? Wouldn't the installer at least be able to see my hard drive at this point, and identify it as empty or formatted with some unknown file system? Also, is there any way to preformat my drive in HFS+ without having OS X installed already? Maybe I'll pick up an IDE HDD and see if that works. (VMWare doesn't seem to work with this prepatched image.) Thanks, everyone!
  10. Hi, I've followed the prep instructions from one of the guides on this site's Wiki. I'm able to boot into the OS X installer natively and select a language. But when it comes time to select a partition, no entries show up in the dialog box. I'm using the new 10.4.5 prepatched DVD. My HDD is SATA configured in BIOS as IDE. I have a VIA chipset, so the SATA controller should be compatible, according to the Technical FAQ. Thanks, ks