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    Which Netbook to get for OSX?

    s10 has a 3-cell battery, so not that good, 2-3 hours (haven't done any time testing on mine personally), but you will be able to buy a 6-cell for it eventually. One other thing I forgot to mention, is that the RAM slot and harddrive is easily accessible for upgrades by a panel on the bottom (unlike some of the others). I looked at the mini9 for a moment, but no harddrive space was a no-go from the start for me... Based on my experience getting it to dual boot and run osx, having a spare partition for testing and/or running a backup osx system while playing with all the kext's to get it to operate properly was a life saver as well.
  2. ks5z

    Which Netbook to get for OSX?

    lenovo s10 is a pretty good choice, very similar to the msi wind, except you won't have to replace the wireless card, and the only thing that you can't get to work right now is the LAN port. I've got mine dual booting with vista right now...