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  1. Funny enough, I didnt. I used the Product # for my 311 along with my 311 serial and it allowed me to select the 2140 still.
  2. RE: Windows 7 (Free Upgrade) Just a small off topic nugget of information. I noticed that HP were running a FREE* upgrade to Windows 7 on selected models (311 is NOT one of them) *19.95 shipping fee Knowing the quality of the outsourcing that M$ use, I though, hey, im going to apply for it anyways. Completed the online form using my legit 311 Serial number (Selected HP Mini 2140 as model) and it all seemed good... Next I have to scan and email my Proof of Purchase. I thought, hmm maybe ill shop the invoice to make it look like a 2140, I then got lazy and thought id just submit my original receipt. I just got an email confirming the validation passed and they have dispatched my upgrade Always handy to have a legit serial around for W7 Business.
  3. Logic Studio 9 not so well What happens differently when booting in verbose mode? (apart from the obvious) I dont understand how booting without -v would be any different..... Im not questioning you.. Just wondering technically what is happening that is different.
  4. Aha, well that makes sense. From day 1 I have always added the -v flag as id much prefer to watch the verbose messaging then a meaningless grey apple screen. This would be the reason why I have had little to none sleep problems. Nice troubleshooting Proto.
  5. New DSDT works fine for me. I just replaced the old DSDT with the new and removed HDAEnabler.kext from /E/E, rebuilt cache. I do get sound assertion errors when booting but sound still works a treat. Proto, have you added the CLWK lengths into the DSDT yet (post 10.6.2)
  6. VoodooHDA also makes the 311 VERY unstable in regards to KP's. Windows 7 actually runs quite well on the 311 and also gives (me) full WWAN. Dont get me wrong, I own a Mac Pro and A Macbook Pro so I'm all about OSX. Stability and full integration of basic features is important to me in a Ultra Portable. I will definatly keep my SL partition running and be assisting in the project..
  7. The XFi does look like a nice device. I must admit, I feel that burning need to drop back to a fully supported OS on the 311. The minute I have to plug in a dongle to get basic functionality such as sound, I loose all interest in using the device. Maybe its just me but one thing I need in a Ultra Portable is full native functionality. It sucks because thanks to Protos hard work around DSDT etc, we have a nice stable device that is very native. Sound is just a killer (for me). May have to get my W7 disk back out
  8. Thanks for the heads up. You will find that most of us are already using VoodooPower (mini) as part of Proto's archive.
  9. Whats your BIOS Setting for "Fan always on" ?
  10. Install cpu-x (http://netkas.org/?p=72) It will show you if SS is working. You will see the Clock Speed and Multiplier bounce around Dependant of load.
  11. Howdy, Im using the same drive. Segate Momentus 7200 500gb. Proto: I have tried over and over to replicate your KP situations and unfortunatly fortunately cannot trigger one. As for my BIOS settings (The 2 options that there are) I have mine set to: Fan always on : Disable C4 State : Enable Are you having just KP's with your current rig or KP's and Black Screens on wake ? I havent had a black screen since ditching NVEnabler.
  12. Hey Proto, Sorry to hear your having stability issues. Perhaps we are not giving the 311 as much use as you however I have given it about 10hrs usage with alot of sleeping/resuming using both the LID and Power-->Sleep and resume seems great. Back when we were using NVEnabler, I would get the occasional black screen on resume but I have not seen this since using the EFI Video Enabler. I like quite a few others am not using an EFI partition. Im just wing the file/folder structure from "netbookinstaller" /Extra ... /GeneralExtensions etc and building a mkext against that. RE: PS2 Controller, I'm not with my 311 currently however I am using the version that is included in your most recent archive. It would be interesting to see if a Software clone from one of our "Stable" devices would yield any stability for you (just as a troubleshooting step) If I wasn't on the other side of the world, id hook you up.
  13. Im unable to replicate a KP from your above scenario. I think Proto has done a superb job on the DSDT around stability. No matter what I do on my 311, I haven't seen a KP for weeks ! (touch wood) From my perspective, Sound and trackpad should be the main focal points.