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  1. Hi guys! Tomorrow I'll re-upload kexts and I'll try to copy my current modded BIOS actually I have tried to boot system even without dsdt and it worked
  2. Update to 10.6.3 went with out any glitch I'm now using only these third party kexts: AttansicL1Ethernet.kext IO80211Family.kext IOATAFamily.kext IONetworkingFamily.kext IOSDHCIBlockDevice.kext (for card reader) NullCPUPowerManagement.kext SleepEnabler.kext VoodooBattery.kext VoodooPower.kext fakesmc.kext
  3. you'r welcome after install (or failed install) report please
  4. as soon as I get home I'll check. UPDATED Sorry guys, my bad, I really linked wrong iso image. Wait a sec and I'll edit guide UAPDATE 12:06 GMT+2 links updated, I made copy of DVD I have burned before, so now there is exact copy of mine DVD enjoy and sorry once again
  5. it worked without any problems for me, When boot-132 ask hex code just hit enter, default value as far as I remember is EF after that will boot Chamelion I done this installation about 5 times on my laptop and few times on other laptop (Dell Inspiron 1520). And done installations exactly as I wrote
  6. tut126, you'r welcome I also installed Mac OS X from original Apple DVD I have updated tutorial a little bit, because one guy reported some problems At this point I have almost full Vanilla install I have deleted only AppleHDA.kext from S\L\E\ and installed VoodooHDA.kext everything else is in Extra folder
  7. Small additional info: -Bootcamp works great -Hibernate OK -Sleep Great -SpeedStep OK -VGA output OK My System: -Intel C2D T9600 2,8GHz -4Gb 800MHz DDR2 -500GB HDD -Nvidia GeForce 8400mg 128 vram -Wireless Broadcom4512 and Intel3945
  8. Hi guys! I have tarted new thread with tutorial about Snow Leo, you can find it here I think it's better to discuss SL problems there and leave this thread for Leo
  9. Hi everyone, this tutorial is followup to the Leopard installation I think it's time to move out from Leopard and start working on Snow Leopard Disclaimer: Please note that this tutorial is for educational purposes ONLY, and we do not endorse illegal activity such as breaking the Apple EULA (if it is valid in your country) by installing their software on non-Apple hardware, or downloading illegal pirated software from torrent sites. If you plan on doing any of these things, please stop reading now. I have tested boot-132 method on F3Sc (also known as Z53S), but I think it should work also on other F3 series laptops. So let's start. One guy reported that after install Mac OS X failed to start, so I'm updating a little bit tutorial CHECKLIST - Boot-132 CD/DVD - Retail version of Snow Leopard - It's always good idea to backup your patched DSDT.aml if you have one - External HDD or flash drive (to store dsdt.aml) - And last but not least - Patience Preparation Because we are using original Apple DVD full hard drive should be dedicated for SL. Original DVD Mac OS X don't want to install on MBR HDD, so we need GUID mapped hard drive. Note: playing around with partitions may result in loss of data. Neither I nor anyone else on this forum will not be held responsible if you lose information on your computer. Back everything! You should install modified bios if you want two cores to work (Exceptions: F3JC, F3JV, and a few pre-Santa Rosa laptops), it often makes Bluetooth and FireWire work too! The modified bios will work great under any Windows, so don't worry about that. Place downloaded bios in any folder on your Windows partition for easy access (you can place it on pen-drive, external disk, etc), you should also download an original bios from Asus website, if anything goes wrong. I just put all different versions of the BIOS in a folder "C:\BIOS" and "C:\BIOS\mod\". Ensure you plugged your power adapter and backed up your files. Remember any of us don't take responsibility if your flashing fails. Please don't sue us, it just what you can get while installing Mac on a PC. Ok, bios ready now we need boot-132 iso. Download it from HERE (this iso is created by nonne9) and burn it, also you need retail version of Snow Leo (clue: try torrents sites but if you like it - buy it ). So at this point I hope you should have already 2 DVDs (one boot-132 and one Snow Leo). Now if you have your own dsdt.aml copy it to external HDD or flash drive and if you don't have your own patched dsdt.aml insert Boot-132 CD/DVD into optical drive and from dir "Post-Install/Extra" copy dsdt.aml to flash drive or HDD. Installation Insert boot-132 DVD/CD into the cd-rom and boot from it after about a 20 seconds you should see Chamelion on the top of the screen and in the middle should be CD icon with text under it "SL boot132", after that you need to eject boot-132, insert Snow Leo DVD and hit F5. Few seconds later you will see again CD icon with text "Mac OS X Intallation DVD" navigate to this icon and hit Enter. After Installer loads select your language, accept license. Now open Utilities->Disk Utility and format your entire hdd if it's partitioned as MBR in other case you can format just one partition. After formatting close Disk Utility, the rest of installation process is straight forward. Postinstall actions After install completes don't reboot. Connect your external HDD or flash drive, open Utilities->Terminal and copy your dsdt.aml to the root of your Mac OS X partition, after that you can reboot. When You'll see Asus logo on the screen insert boot-132 DVD/CD again into optical drive. when chamelion boots navigate to the Apple logo and hit Enter. You should see apple logo and spinning circle when you done with your "new product" registration open boot-132 DVD/CD there you'll find "Post-Install" folder. First off all install Chamelion next step should be copying Extra Folder to your HDD. If you have your patched DSDT.aml you can (and probably should) replace dsdt.aml in the package with your one. Now you can reboot and try booting without boot-132 DVD/CD. You should install some drivers now OHR, VoodooPS2Controller, VoodooBattery, VoodooHDA, fakesmc, NVInject all drivers are x64 Dual boot (optional) So you decided you need few OS - no problem after mac install just insert XP/Vista/7 CD/DVD and install as usual I have tried to install Windows 7 to GUID partitioned hard disk and had absolutely no problems so after MS Windows install boot from boot132 CD and from OS list select Mac. We now have to make the 2nd partition (your Boot-132 Loader) active. Enter the following in Terminal: diskutil list (lists your computers Hard Disk(s) and corresponding partition(s): take note of the Hard Disk where you have the partitions for the Boot-132 and your newly installed Leopard) fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 (where 0 is the appropriate disk identifier) f 2 (where 2 is the correct partition number for your Boot-132) write y exit Quit Terminal and reboot. Update to 10.6.2 It's easy, netkas wrote good article about that, full article you can find here. Update to 10.6.3 Again it's easy Update your bootloader to Chamelion v2RC4 (after update to v2C4 you need to delete all restart kext) and install combo update from apple. Note: If you are using VoodooHDA kext you need to delete AppleHDA.kext from S/L/E) After update VoodooHDA works perfectly with ALC660-vd, even sound on speakers Known issues - No camera (even not listed in system profiler) Final notes Thank you for using our tutorial, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them here. If you find any errors in this tutorial also please let us know so we can fix it! Good luck and enjoy your new OSx86 system! And thanks guys for great Leopard thread and support hope this tutorial will help someone just like old thread helped me Last updated 2010.03.13 12:06 GMT+2
  10. jjduro, thanks again! but I already used that patch without patch sometimes card tries to search for network, but after patch card always apears as "off". Maybe card dead :/ (bought new card from ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...m=350127545695) P.S. one strange thing about that card, card marked as BCM94321 but system (both MacOS and vista) sees card as BCM4328
  11. I already reinstalled two times system.... Same Yesterday I have installed vista (yak!!! :censored2: it's not a system - it's big junk!), installed drivers but... I cant see any network too (like in MacOS...) so i think it's hardware problems... When i changed card I connected in the same way like old card. Black (main) antena cable in the left and white in the right (AUX).
  12. Simple Broadcom Wirless Tutorial

    Hello, I have one big problem I have Broadcom BCM4328 wireless card, but I cant connect to any network, I cant even see any network... What should I do now? Maybe someone have solution? :/ System Profiler says: AirPort Card Information: Wireless Card Type: AirPort Extreme (0x14E4, 0x88) Wireless Card Locale: USA Wireless Card Firmware Version: Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 ( Current Wireless Network: wireless network not available
  13. Hello, I bought Broadcom BCM4328 wifi card, mac sees card, new interface detected but card always appears as "off" hardware switch is on, wifi card led is on P.S. I'm on Asus F3Sc laptop
  14. Ok, I have one big problem... again... I finally got my Apple Extrem Wifi card (Broadcom BCM4328)... but... system sees it, but, I cant connect to any network even I can't see any network, what should I do now? it always says that my airport is turned off, sometimes it turns on but cant find any networks and state becomes off again, wifi cards led is on.
  15. Yes I have that led (my laptop F3Sc) but when it should start to blink laptop turns on again and return to normal working state. So result - no sleep.