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  1. Nbody_Metal_Bench

    GTX 750 Ti: 21 fps 704 gflops/s
  2. Time Synchronization

    Did you solve the problem? In the pre-leo times we could make a little trick modifying /etc/rc.local and rc.shutdown to readjust the time during boot and set it back when shutting down. But Leopard's boot process do not deal with these unix like rc scripts. Once I found here in the forum a downloadable piece of script which do this readjusting during the Leopard startup process. But, it has never worked for me And I had never time enough to look for the reason. And for a time I use my windows once in two or three days, so this time mysery is not a big problem. (Before I used OsX only for music, so that time it was the reason why I didn't care really about this bad thing with the time.) Actually, I'm qurious, whether you managed to solve this problem? Yes, yes, I've just written that I've got used to this abnormallity, but you know, if there is a solution, the best is, if everything works correctly. P. ps. Your other problem "How to make something to boot from another system for running defragmenting utils" is in my thoughts as well. Probably the fastest way is to install another clean system, better if that's a Tiger. But it's a good-good question, and I know there is a how-to on it, making a bootable cd/dvd or boot from an usb stick for this purpose. There is e.g. Bootable Utilities Image, (google it, if you haven't heard about that), and it's only some files we have to replace. The problem is that's a 10.4.9 system, which I never had. But why don't make a bootable usb stick from scratch, and put the apps on it? (I'm not sure that the Coriolis stuffs will authorize themselves on another media than the lic.key. is originated, but there are other good tools offering good defragmenting whith which I'm sure, that there wuldn't be problem, if we can put them on something booting on our systems. There is an article somewhere on the net about disk maintenance of OsX systems, which tool's which service is for what.... I can look for it if you interested in reading that. (Sorry for my English, I've no time to read this whole text again, I hope you understand what I mean...)
  3. Adobe's Dreamweaver do it as well.
  4. Load average is always high?

    mds and mdworker are parts of the indexer service of the powerful searching tool of osx called spotlight. for the fast results it needs to crawl your hard disk from time to time, and the first indexing can take a long time depends on your hdd... (the number of, the size of, the speed of...) BTW, you can disable indexing using terminal (just google for disable spotlight leopard), or you can use the powerful tool cocktail to disable it. Actually, I don't recommend it, rather restart your os, take a coffee, and take your breakfast (and take another coffee, another cookie, another coffee, another cookie and so on), while OsX finish this indexing procedure. Hope it helps, Allen
  5. 10.5.2 Is Finally Released!

    All Hackintosh users try to follow this: http://netkas.org/?p=50 Thanks to Netkas again for the fast publishing of this tutorial.
  6. Who is using a firewire based interface?

    My M-AUDIO FireWire Audiophile works great with 10.4.10 and Logic Studio 8.
  7. Hey guys! There is no dongle no more! Do you know, what does it mean? :-) P.
  8. Whats a good 478 mobo for OSX86?

    My ABIT IC7 works without any problem.
  9. macuser9214! He wrote this: the card's ID (0X168c001a) 0x168c001a means hexadecimal 168c001a so the number is the last eight characters I hope this will help you, I don't have any experience with wireless drivers
  10. Dual Displays working like a charm

    You can't. We have to wait for some more releases of the macvidia driver. For more info you should check out macvidia's site
  11. iLife, jampacks, and logic question

    You don't need.
  12. Asio Applications With Low Performance

    Are these apps universal binaries? If not, than it's almost a miracle that you can tun them at all.