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  1. How can I increase my Leopard partition size?

    mrfatcat: The exact same thing happened to me. It ended up that my drive wasn't active. I used Acronis in Windows XP to set the drive to active and it booted right back up. I'm not sure why I got a disk out of space message the first time. Perhpaps it just required a reboot. At any rate, Zuza kicks ass!
  2. Working: How to increase Leopard partition size

    Thanks Zuza! I followed your instructions and formated the drive as Mac Os Extended (Journaled) in Disk Utility and it worked great. Pronto: I used XP and it seemed to work for me. Update: Hmm, I tried to copy over a large file to the drive and it said disk is full. I restarted and now I have "Disk error". I guess I will reintall and try again. Update: Ok after reinstall I had the exact same problem. After digging aroud a bit it ended up that the drive wasn't set to active. I used Acronis in XP to set it to active and Leo came back right back up. I copied over 70 GB of files and it seems to be working. Thanks again Zuza!
  3. post here ONLY NVIDIA card that WORKS for you

    Well, after reinstalling 10.4.8 with the mifki kernel, the newest natit, and following the instructions provided by andazp(thanks again man) I now have a dual monitor setup with QE and CI enabled on my 6800(0x00c1). Thank you to everyone involved in this.
  4. No Video w/ DVD Player on GMA950 (10.4.8)

    I have no such problem with my GMA950 on the latest 10.4.8 install. There is a GMA950 fix on the latest Jas update; perhaps you need that. p.s. 64 MB of shared system memory. Is what it shows in my system profiler.
  5. Non working Nvidia video card thread

    Great Work Andazp! I have the exact same card as you. Dell 6800 0x00c1 0x00a2. I added the ID's to both NVDANV40Hal.kext and to NVDAResman.kext but for some reason I get the kernel panic screen. Any help would be much appreciated!
  6. USB audio Input

    I just bought a Griffin iMic at Goodwill for $10. It works really well with Garage Band and my bass guitar. I thought I got a steal at goodwill there but it looks like Radio Shack has it for $9.97. It has no real delay and the sound quality is actually pretty good. If you can't find it at Radio Shack just search Froogle there are a few other vendors that have it for less than $10. Otherwise if you are willing to spend more money I know that M-Audio's cards work perfectly with multiple in and outs. Good Luck! Jesse
  7. [HowTo] Turn mouse tearing OFF :)

    Here is yet another way to improve the mouse tearing; I personally don't like the adverse open gl performance I get with Mousepose and the like when activated. So here's what I did. Install USB Overdrive, this is shareware but it works 100% without registration, it's available at USBOverdrive.com. Restart the computer. Next go into the USB Overdrive System Preference pane, create a new setting and select your browser application. Now change the Wheel Up setting, select keystroke in the pull down menu and change the keystroke to up(using the up arrow). Do the same for Wheel Down using the down arrow. You should have less mouse tearing when you scroll as it is actually just sending the down arrow key everytime you scroll down. If you like to scroll a little faster you can change the Wheel Up & Down to Page Up & Down.
  8. 2 GB and Beyond...

    I currently have 3 gigs installed. Everything was recognized immediately with no need for configuration. As for the max allowed I think that depends on your motherboard. The new powermacs support a max of 16 gigs of ram. I'd say your most difficult problem will be deciding where to buy your ram.
  9. Working nVidia cards

    Howdy want_a_mac, I think the reason you recieved so few replies was due to the fact that there are no 100% "working" nvidia cards right now. I have a 6800 pcie that kinda worked with np_'s beta4 and up. By kinda work I mean I can watch dvd's(only through mplayer or vlc though), iTunes, and most other iLife applications work(although things like iDVD are slow slow slow). Now for the things I can't do: Watch DVD's with the Apple DVD player, play any OpenGL game or use any OpenGL application(for example google earth) and also can't use any of the screen savers. I gave up on waiting for "full support" and went out yesterday and bought a x300se for about $90. I have to say this card is great it "works" in that I can watch dvds, play games, use iDVD & get all the eyecandy. If you have a choice on what to buy right now; I'd highly suggest the ATI x300se. There is some artifacting with the mose(little bits of images left behind) but I'm trying to work that out right now. Of course the second there is full support for nvidia I will be pulling this card out and putting the 6800 back in. Hope this helps!