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  1. Open Xcode, go to Preferences -> Downloads and install Command Line Tools. Thanks, bcc9, for your awesome research and the great description in this post. I have created a slightly enhanced version for my own use, which provides an option to only parse a single KEXT. This saves some time when one is working on the personalities and wants to verify whether the patch has worked. I have used Getopt::Long and Pod::Usage to simplify the parsing of arguments and also to provide a Usage option [-h]. # ./ati-personality-zhell.pl -h Usage: ati-personality.pl [OPTIONS] [KEXT] KEXT is the name of a KEXT in SLE, or the path to a KEXT Examples for KEXT argument: ATI6000Controller.kext "/Volumes/OS X/System/Library/Extensions/ATI6000Controller.kext" Options: -s=[sLE] Look for KEXTs in directory SLE -i386 Architecture i386 (only available up to OS X Lion) -v Verbose output (only useful for developers) -a Specify if you use OS X 10.6 2011 MacBook Pro KEXTs [DEPRECATED] Please find this ati-personality-zhell.pl script with these enhancements attached below. You are more than welcome to incorporate these enhancements into your own script and make them available to everybody. ati-personality-0.9-zhell.zip
  2. zhell

    Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    md is no longer part of OS X from Mountain Lion onwards. You can easily compile the sources from Lion, which are in this tar ball: http://opensource.apple.com/tarballs/adv_cmds/adv_cmds-147.tar.gz If you have homebrew: brew install https://raw.github.com/simonair/homebrew/2acd33a1f1ce1493e5fbe0967c24b4eb5ec6db5c/Library/Formula/md.rb
  3. I'm afraid this post is outdated; Apple has changed the serial number format. The easiest way to generate a legit number for a given model seems to be to download Champlist from http://awesome-studio.tk/champlist/ and generate a serial (via the SMBios tab, then hit "Serial Generator"). As I did not know about this nifty tool, I have generated my serial by hand, but it was a pain to find the model ID (last 4 letters) for iMac12,2 at the time. Champlist generates a random but valid serial for all current models in a split second. To validate the generated serial, Powerbook Medic is the easiest, and it's up-to-date: http://www.powerbookmedic.com/identify-mac-serial.php
  4. zhell

    Nstat_Lookup_entry failed:2

    This occurs on every computer running Lion, both Macs and Hacks. There is root cause analysis and a permanent workaround to get rid of the noise (by some guy named Simon Heimlicher). I have applied the workaround on both my MacBook and my Hackintosh and my log is free of this error. I have not suffered any negative consequences.
  5. Oh, thanks for the hint, that might be it. Do you happen to have a specific guide in mind that explains what needs to be done? Or are you referring to the device-id injection technique? The latter I have already done -- USB is built in and no orange icons.
  6. Same here. Works if connected via USB hub. With 10.6.2 it worked both at USB hub and connected directly.
  7. Stay with ESB2... because it is roughly the same as ICH9R, whereas ICH10 is slightly different. In my case, only ESB2 fixes the "orange icon" problem.
  8. Not only before you "upgrade" to 7, but as a general precaution, you should always keep a USB stick with a working and up-to-date hackintosh boot loader handy. As to how to install Chameleon to a USB stick, I'd suggestm trying the GUI installer or if that fails try a search.
  9. You need to identify the devices based on _ADR, not their name. Ask people who have the same board for advice and try using a search engine such as Yahoo/Bing or Google.
  10. As I said, those errors do not mean anything and I think I also had them with device-property string injection. Regarding my DSDT.dsl: posting this would be meaningless as yours is completely different, especially because it's from a different manufacturer and you also have different GFX. Also, I'll repeat it once again, the names of the devices are arbitrary. I renamed some of mine to adhere to some naming convention, but this is purely cosmetical.
  11. Sure; everybody gets those, even on real Macs, e.g. MacBook5,1: 07/28/09 09:15:26 kernel IGPU: family specific matching fails Did you consider to just use Google to answer that question? http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&cli...mp;oq=&aqi= yields 666 results...
  12. I don't know what would happen, but I don't think it would make much sense. This 7th port does not exist in hardware and it's probably best to ignore it. As long as it is not shown in ioreg, OS X probably does not care about it. I read in the board manual of the DP35DP that the 7th UHCI can somehow be remapped somewhere else, I'm sorry I don't recall this more precisely.
  13. Thanks a lot tmongkol for your insights. I managed to create a legacy kext for Sigmatel STAC9271D (excl. front panel). The only really weird issue I observe is that if I put it in /Extra/Extensions.mkext, my machine (Intel DP35DP, P35-based mobo) does not resume from sleep. Instead it only turns on disk but does not power on USB devices and the display stays blank. If I put the legacy kext into /S/L/E, it works perfectly. I have noticed during the development phase that removing AppleHDA.kext from /S/L/E yields kernel panics after sleep rather easily, so I'm wondering if the reason for my issue is that the system unloads AppleHDA.kext before sleep and then kextd wonders where my legacy kext is because it only looks at /S/L/E. Btw. instead of HDAEnabler, I use DSDT injection for the CodecId and i also inject a "0x00" PinConfiguration value.
  14. EHCI controller unable to take control from BIOS AppleUSBEHCI[0x67c0800]: unable to obtain ownership: 0xe00002be AppleUSBEHCI[0x67c0800]::UIMInitialize - Error occurred (0xe00002be) Try Chameleon 2RC1 with EHCIAcquire=yes or something like that. Look at the read me.
  15. Maybe this helps: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...amp;pid=1180037