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    bosica got a reaction from antialias in HP Z400/Z600/Z800 Workstations OS X 10.10.x/10.11.x Installation   
    Dear antialias,
    i run into trouble again, i think my USB clover installer  (Ver.2.4K r4097)  should be using clover legacy install (???) 
    Still i hove problems how to properly select items from :-
    1) Bootloader (install boot 0af)
    2) Clover EFI (64 bit Sata)
    However, i got troubles selecting proper items from sub menu "Drivers 64" and  "Driver64UEFI"
    Also i would like to know the config.plist setting you mentioned in post #1086 applied to creating USB installer or post installation setting?
    any proper guidelines???
    P.S. Mine USB 3.0 pcie card was "Orico pcie 4 port usb3.0 card model:- PME 4U" required a molex aux power supply and no drivers required ( Fresco FL1100 chipset)