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  1. Greetings Rocky12, Being here in and out for sometime and able to install 10.11 successfully with the help of a patched DSDT supplied by a genius here (forgot the name sorry), very happy to have my Z600 running with clover.(which is good enough for me) Recently i check my Z600 hardware config and found out the onboard (Firewire LSI 1394A) was missing . The FW port was however, running over win7 and somehow it was missing over osx 10.11 In this case i suspected my DSDT file were somehow unable patched the onbaord LSI chips. Neither i am a expert nor have knowledge over DSDT patching/checking. All i know is that this DSDT file is "specially patched" as a typical clover F4 DSDT file will always run into a KP during clover installation...... Seriously I need the on board 1394a port to be up and running again as me pcie/pci slots were already fully occuplied. Therefore can you pls help me to check and patch (if possible) my DSDT file so that i can able to had the firewire 1394a running again in the near future? See attached file covering my DSDT file, config plist file, PCIlist, System Profile, IO reg file , Hardware status sereenshot for your reference. DSDT Config Plist IO Reg PCI list System Profile Current Firewire Status Many thanks in advance Regards Bosica
  2. Dear antialias, i run into trouble again, i think my USB clover installer (Ver.2.4K r4097) should be using clover legacy install (???) Still i hove problems how to properly select items from :- 1) Bootloader (install boot 0af) 2) Clover EFI (64 bit Sata) However, i got troubles selecting proper items from sub menu "Drivers 64" and "Driver64UEFI" Also i would like to know the config.plist setting you mentioned in post #1086 applied to creating USB installer or post installation setting? any proper guidelines??? P.S. Mine USB 3.0 pcie card was "Orico pcie 4 port usb3.0 card model:- PME 4U" required a molex aux power supply and no drivers required ( Fresco FL1100 chipset) Regards Bosica
  3. thanks antialias ✌️ there's so much info i need time to digest and try out but thanks anyway, will report results later this week as well Yes, i am running 10.10.5 using chameleon MB bios version 3.6 (latest) mine DSDT extracted via MaciASL still not yet properly patched but seem to be working fine also, i forgot to mention, all of my PCIE slots were occupied (1394, Lsi HBA/Raid card, USB 3.0, Ati Display) is it necessary to remove all of the add on cards except display during installation? Regards Bosica
  4. Greeting, Having been following this post for some time and try to install 10.11 using both Encoh Bootloader or Clover. However, neither method give positive results and verbose mode showing all different kinds of KP despite numerous tweaking . (Using 10.11.3 install apps) Really depressing. Therefore i would like to know is there any specific guideline available either clover or chameleon for me to study installation procedure? Note that this post already had 55 pages i had trouble looking for specific post for beginners' installation tutorial like me See attached for my DSDT File , Bios setting, Basic Hardware description. ?DSDT file (google drive)? https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9vkOx0VZVBVRE1CeGo1TjNfZHc Appreciated for any basic installation tips being notified Regards Bosica z600 Bios setting HW.TXT
  5. bosica

    Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    Noted with thanks Somehow, the output of mfiutil config inspired me a bit (maybe i am just circle around too much too deep same issue n forget to solve the problem from another angle) anyway both J5 n ccozmo show me some directions of getting it solved and i thank both sincerely. Will upload progress in a near future. Also, these days very busy seeking for some cost effective HD rack and other supporting hardware will shown here too, Personally, i think Mega raid kext is not the only solution to a fast R/W speed objective among multi-disk array as searching for other alternatives become my "Mission" recently. I need some time to try out these cards maybe run a comparison in the future with hardware raid (mega raid) vs software raid (apple raid) that will be fun Regards Bosica
  6. bosica

    Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    Dear Jfive Finally, I manage to get a fast workstation running dual X 5675 & 48g ddr3 ram As arranged, obtain a LSI 9280-8e, flashed with latest LSI (12.15.0-0239) firmware, install SAS Mega raid installer which the card properly shown on System Profiler. obtain 2 cheap 250G Maxtor sata HD as test Raid 0 array, shown as Virtual Drive 0, Optimal using Config. Wizard However, while i boot into OSX 10.10 using on board intel Sata Bus using a seperate HD, the Desktop & Disk Utility did not show the Raid 0 array. Same 2 Maxtors HD were then re-connected to a LSI 3801e HBA, running Fusion MPT (same osx platform), successfully built up a Raid 0 array by running osx software raid in Disk Utility. Did I miss something necessary or vital in running the SAS Megaraid? Attached photos referring card status & Boot up message System Profiler LSI Web Bios Virtual Config layout Console bootup Msg I/O Explorer view mfiutil config Really depressed to see like this as i already blown some money on this rig Any tips & recommendations for tweaking back to work is welcomed..... Regards Bosica
  7. bosica

    Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    thx jfive that's useful info. that i need. also i discover that the mega raid kext somehow evolved into a standard installer package, but i will try it anyway. P.S. idea of using a "Major Brand SAS Backplate" had cross my mind somewhat Over here in Southeast Asia i can get some good deal on retired enterprise grade SAS hardware (IBM, HP, Dell etc) However, those components were always stripped into parts ( i.e. backplates/ outer shell / HD trays / Connection Cables / power supply etc.), You have to pick them up smartly, not to mention reliability / functionally issue. Therefore, looking for a 4 bay SAS /Sata HD cage in the future seem to be logical choice It seem that all these brands seem to be implants some kind of "firmware restrictions" into their products to make them "exclusive" Moreover, may i ask how did U power up the external HD cage? using a AT/ATX power supply? Regards
  8. bosica

    Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    Hi all, i have been studying and following this thread for some time since release of 10.9, very excited to know that somone able to runa raid card on a osx platform but i am afraid to ask some "silly questions " to annoy someone. also, i need time to search for a good platform able to match with a real Mac Pro Finally some moths ago i got a use HP Z600 on a good deal, seem to be fast enough and allow me to invest more on hardware (include LSI raid card) Therefore my question will be :- 1) Currently i am interested in LSI 9280-8e 6Gb SAS RAID According to dukzcry's list (92xx) is this card was supported should be able to run the SASMegaRAID.kext in 10.10 Yosemite? 2) Installation process by putting this kext into S/L/E using kext wizard, repair permission and rebuilt cache, add a boot flag of "kext-dev-mode=1" ? if not, please shown me a proper procedure 3) i am quite concern about the on-going development of this kext. Currently i understand this kext can run under 10.10, but if this kext possible to run on 10.11? Currently my HP Z600 running all of the HD using a OEM LSI 3442E served as a HBA only using Fusion MPT Thx all i need to know if anyone can answer my "Silly Questions" will be greatly appreciated Regards
  9. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ podarok, for a bootable raid, this link might able to help you, but u have to modify some scripts from terminal:- http://aquamac.proboards.com/index.cgi?boa...&thread=613 i have never thry this but it worth a shot pls let us know your results cause i am also interested in a cost effective sas raid system in my hack'tosh regards Bosica
  10. dear robert, million thx for the tips...... finally, i can run into 10.5.5 your suggestion is good enough except during the 2nd boot up time must type -f (to make sure all kext are properly installed) if you type -v, everything freeze hell over damn, i try maybe 30+ times of fresh install (cost me a bloody week's time to do so) the proper gfx strings patched into plist, another dream machine existed.... anyway, THE OWNER of the new P5Q want to play i-phone (jailbreak) i heard the after U update to 10.5.6 all of the hacking tools failed is it ture? or i should stick to 10.5.5? any advise????
  11. Dear Robert, with your instruction, finally i can install 10.5.4 retail but i have problems in update to 10.5.5. everytime i tried install the update, i come out with this:- The only way i can get in is -x (SAFE BOOT) which step did i done wrong? The fact is:- after i install a retail 10.5.4 it boot smoothly into the hd, therefore something i must have miss during the update process, can you further guide me through this? i have tried this but i cannot find the line Dont Steal Mac OS X.kext :- Open Terminal sudo -s *type password* while sleep 1; do rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext; done Open 10.5.5 Update Installer Run update BUT DO NOT RESTART Go back to your terminal and press Control C to end the script In terminal type: nano /System/InstallAtStartup/scripts/1 Replace the line Dont Steal Mac OS X.kext with dsmos.kext Restart and boot with -v Also is it necessary to disable the on board lan at bios after the first install? regards Bosica Dear Robert, Finally, i manage to install a retail 10.5.4 into my HD, it boot up smoothly however, i got problems in update the 10.5.5 patch. it comes out like this i try this Open Terminal sudo -s *type password* while sleep 1; do rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext; done Open 10.5.5 Update Installer Run update BUT DO NOT RESTART Go back to your terminal and press Control C to end the script In terminal type: nano /System/InstallAtStartup/scripts/1 Replace the line Dont Steal Mac OS X.kext with dsmos.kext Restart and boot with -v but i cannot locate the line "Dont steal Mac OSX" can you help me out??
  12. thx for the quick reply, so in short can U tell me:- (particularly 7.7-7.12) 1)Before that i must first install a IDeneb prior to restore retail DMG? 2) how many partitions i must made through disk utility? since i got a separate boot 132 cd, is it possible to skip the Fat 32 partition in the HD? (i.e 2 instead of 3 partitions) my plan was after upgraded to 10.5.6, run efi V9 to boot from HD, still i will use bootloader B4 that stage 3) the photos taken is based on fresh install of retail 10.5.4 after biso mod so is it necessary to install a IDeneb first beofre restore? since i have tried to install Ideneb, however i cannot boot into the Ideneb OSx (kernel panic?)
  13. Hi Robert, previously i have install a 10.5.6 on a P35 platform (asus) together with a GT9800 card it works like a dream, now i have to built another platform using P45 chips (also asus MB and it's P5Q) to ONLY stall 10.5.4 on 1 HD only (Also using another low end gforce display card and it is working) i have hacked to 1611 modified bios and run into default, disable drive xpert & express gate and enable ACHI others untouched i had the flash drive already made, Retail 10.5.4 DVD (burn at a very slow speed and it had been working ever since) and Boot 132 CD during installation stage, i cannot properly format the HD partition HF+ as the Disk Utility shown that my HD (it's a SATA WD 640G 32M cache) icon showing the HD was external (ORANGE COLOR), as i notice that the HD icon color should be in dark grey and it must be labelled as internal even i skip this stage and keep on follow the installation, the Retail disk did not allow me to continue install, see below photo Even i force to erase the partition and reformat again make no use. therefore i would ask is there something i have miss thorughout the installation ? if so, how can i pick up the correct steps pls, Many thx for watching this