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  1. Surely there must be some Vaio Z owners left? Were are you guys? Or did you just give up on the idea? Nobody else interrested?
  2. Also, did anybody manage to get native resolution on their Z series with either Nvidia or Intel? Like i said, best i'm getting is 1280x800. Tried with GraphicsMode on both and also the modified x3100 kext for my device ID but no luck. Thanks...
  3. On a recent trip to the states i had to make a quick choice between the Z series and a MacBook (Pro) and decided to go for the Sony for various reasons... I need to use Windows more than OSX and wasn't a big fan of Apple's bios emulation. Also the Z is extremely light, has very good performance and battery life, an ExpressCard Slot (which you don't get on the MacBooks anymore unless you go 17inch) and a 1600x900 resolution on a 13inch screen. It also features two video chipsets (Nvidia GeForce 9300M GS & Intel GMA 4500MHD) that can be switched without rebooting. The only thing that was tempting on the MacBooks for me was the MagSafe adapter and illuminated keyboard. Anyway, so back at home i decided to give SnowKitty a try. Here's a few notes for myself and everybody else who's interrested.... As you probably know, the Z series and other Vaio's use InsydeH20 bios emulation which features a setup utility with very basic options out of the box. Fortunately there's a very easy way to enable the hidden advanced and power options in the bios using GRUB2. With the advanced options enabled i temporarily disabled onboard sound and LAN to free up some resources which will help with IRQ conflicts when trying to boot from USB and give you USB mouse and keyboard support. I then successfully installed SL from a restored image off a USB drive with Chameleon RC3 and used FakeSMC/NullCPU. To get the trackpad and keyboard going i used VoodooPs2 and alternative Trackpad kext which can be found in the Voodoo forum. Audio works with VoodooHDA and onboard LAN with 82566MM kext which you can find at kext.com or here i'm sure. USB problems were solved with IOPCIFamily for Snow by Slice. Graphics is the only major issue - best i can get on internal display is 1280x800 on Nvidia and Intel without QE/CI. QE/CI works on external display with NVenabler. Intel driver is unlikely to happen and for Nvidia on internal display SNC driver is needed to switch output which might happen at some point. I played with the VGA and Video Config options in the bios but Nvidia section has no option for graphics output so best bet is still SNC driver. I also patched RTC in my DSDT and tried other patches to resolve USB issues (prior to using Slice's kext) but it doesn't really seem to make any difference. Would really like to see DSDT's from other Z users who maybe also patched audio with DSDT and enabled mic too. Hope this is helpful to someone and would appreciate if other Z owners take a few minutes to share their experience. Thanks!
  4. Mac GTX 285 ROM

    I read up on this issue with 2gig version before i bought mine and decided to go for the 1gig version instead. Worked fine with NVenabler and Chameleon RC3 detection off under SL, FWIW.
  5. Calling VAIO Owners with NVIDIA 7600 GO graphics

    It is possible to enable the advanced bios section in Vaio's with Insyde. The advanced section has a lot more options than any standard bios and includes a graphics and display section which might help with this problem. Tried to start a new thread, but never showed up - pretty sure this hasn't been mentioned anywhere here so not sure what's goin on with that. Anyway, take a look here and read comments - proceed at your own risk obviously! http://feature-enable.blogspot.com/2009/07...-sony-vaio.html
  6. How to hack your Vaio bios!

    For everybody who hasn't seen this yet... here's a hack to enable the advanced bios options on your Vaio laptop with Insyde bios. http://feature-enable.blogspot.com/2009/07...-sony-vaio.html This is pretty amazing and there's a whole section on graphics which allows you to force the output to LCD for example (from what i can tell). However the blog specifically mentions not to touch these settings "as they could prevent the system from booting and ...there is no easy way to restore default settings once there is no way to enter the SetupUtility anymore." I can't really see how these setting would prevent me from getting into the setup utility but i'm not quite ready to risk it but maybe someone else will. Either way it enabled VT on my Z series Vaio and i could confirm that HPET is enabled.
  7. Boot Win7 x64 from USB Drive

    Apparently some people have been successful with XP in the past: http://tubeshards.wordpress.com/2006/12/05...tosh-usb-drive/ This is more a note to myself really to try out at some point. I'm sure i tried this in the past and got a rEFIt error, but only tried cloning a partition from internal to external...
  8. Boot Win7 x64 from USB Drive

    AFAIK, Apple's bios emulation doesn't support booting legacy os from usb or firewire.
  9. Win7 "does not support GPT partition sheme"

    Am i missing something? Why would i need Chameleon on a Mac? This is a boot camp forum, no?
  10. Took some time and few re-installs/repairs but got there eventually... originally i used grub to hide Vista and XP from each other, but that seems to screw things up a little with the mbr script so once both partitions were visible it worked. disk0s1 -> Leopard disk0s2 -> old grub partition (unused) disk0s3 -> Vista64 disk0s4 -> XP Partition map is mbr only, but i might try native EFI boot with Ubuntu from a separate GPT drive and see if that gets me anywhere. Thanks Ludacrisvp and johnsock for sharing!
  11. Lot of action in this thread lately - good to see! Thanks johnsock for your contribution, will try the script when i get a chance. Of course the holy grail would be native EFI boot for Windows (at least Vista and 7 x64) so we wouldn't have to deal with the limitations of the bios emulation. I don't know about everybody else but my Windows boot times are terrible. I haven't actually timed it, but i guess after rEFIt, bios emulation, various scsi/sas bios roms and eventually grub it must take up to 2 minutes on my setup, maybe longer. Windows itself boots fast, but all the other stuff is really annoying when you see how long it takes to get to your OSX desktop. The modified mbr is great news and will definitely help, but i'm surprised nobody has figured out a way to boot Windows with EFI yet, although there seems some sort of progress with Ubuntu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MactelSup...EFI-Boot-Mactel Anybody here tried with grub efi? Also, does the mbr script work with Windows partitions as well or do i need to install on a seperate drive? Currently i've got OSX, XP32 and Vista64 all on one disk with MBR only (to avoid GPT hybrid) - OSX won't actually install on MBR but you can use Carbon Copy. Would the script still work? Thanks!
  12. Whats a good video editing program

    I'd use Premiere. Supports Decklink, is very intuitive and powerful. Vegas is ok, but better for music and interface is very different to standard NLE's.
  13. Announce: The rEFIt boot menu

    Can anybody smell this?
  14. Should be easy, I'm using a seperate partition for the grub bootloader so you can always skip it by booting from the partition with Vista installed using rEFIt. Same under VMWare, if you got grub on a seperate partition there shouldn't be an issue.
  15. MacDrive 7, standby and hibernation issues

    Ok, spoke too soon - had two random crashes again when accessing MacDrive with several applications. But standby works! If anybody out there is using bootcamp in a production environment or more than running the occasional game i would love to hear from your experience with Paragon NTFS, maybe i should give it another shot. Thanks.