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  1. 965P-DS4 Success with Retail 10.6 - 64 Bit

    Sorry guys, I have not been able to respond to your messages and PMs. I bought an iMac last November, and kind of drifted away from the "scene". But I am back, having sold the iMac (miss the Hackintosh way too much), and am ready to dive head-in back to the OSX world. I am currently trying out the many developments that have taken place since Nov-December. Yes, 10.6.3 did break the audio, but a quick restore from 10.6.2, and all is back in order. It's sad that ALC888 has been deprecated by Apple. Oh well. As long as we get 64 bit and the 10.6.2 kext keeps roaring, I won't complain. Cheers!
  2. Wonderful work! Makes the choice process so much easier. Thank you! Update your sig dude
  3. ; ) you know you'll get a deluge of questions now that you've conclusively proven and demo'd the installation! Thanks for the reply, and indeed, as you mentioned on your site, many ways to get there I am rather very encouraged by your post, as I am in the market for a Core i7 system. Does your system profiler in 10.6.2 detect your CPU as i5?
  4. TonyMacx86, Does the DSDT not work for Audio/Video for the board? I see that you used the NVEnabler.kext for the video - any specific reason for this? Also, since you mention that you copied back the AppleHDA from 10.6.1 to 10.6.2 - and that VoodooHDA doesn't map ins and outs directly for the UD2 motherboard... Could you kindly elaborate a wee bit on that? Cheers
  5. I have upgraded to 9800GT by XFX. I have created the new DSDT for it, and will pop it in when it gets delivered today. It cost me 80$ after 20$ MIR from Newegg. I have one of those in my Media Center PC, and it works great. Unfortunately it doesn't have passive cooling.
  6. That's so strange... I am sure I have QE/CI, after having replaced all I sent you. But, well whatever works eh? In the meantime I have ordered a 9800GT off Newegg... seems that the 7xxx support is being stopped under x64 (which is why everyone running 32 bit was able to painlessly update).
  7. Hm, Well I replaced the GEForce* kexts and the NV*, and used Kext Utility to recreate the MKexts and voila.
  8. No idea if it is OK to post the RS link here...
  9. hey Indraganzo, sorry that it didn't work - I actually updated all GEforce Kexts and NV* as well. I can upload them to RS and send you the link by PM.
  10. ; ) can confirm that the 7xxx Nvidia workaround works. I am on 10.6.2 right now with full res and as if nothing happened.
  11. After blindly updating to 10.6.2 last night, I logged back into the system to see a KP on com.apple.geforce (6.0.6). I was in a tizzy till I found out that there were many having the same problem. According to Netkas on his blog, 7xxx are reported to have trouble with 10.6.2, and therefore some other hack might come around for it eventually. Others solved their problem by booting into 32 bit mode, or using NVInjects for 64 Bit. A lot of issues have been reported with using NVInject - including poor GFX performance in VLC etc. What I did was replace GEForce.kext in /S/L/E with one from 10.6.1 (I took it from my MacBook Pro) and rebuilt the mkext, and voila, on booting in x64 all is fine again. It will do, till someone figures out a better solution. But it seems that days of being on 7xxx series NVidia card are numbered.
  12. 965P-DS4 Success with Retail 10.6 - 64 Bit

    There were some people who recommended installing an injector, but I replaced the GEForce.kext in /S/L/E with one from 10.6.1 and all works as it should in x64.
  13. 10.6.2 Released!

    I too got GEForce 6.0.6 KPs on startup. I replaced GEForce.kext in 10.6.2 with one from 10.6.1. It works perfectly now.
  14. 965P-DS4 Success with Retail 10.6 - 64 Bit

    Blah updated to 10.6.2 and that threw my GEForce 7600GT into a tizzy. Got Kernel panics with GeForce 6.0.6 errors.
  15. 10.6.2 Released!

    Seems like the 7xxx Series GEForce cards are the ones KP'ing. Wonder if we can restore a KEXT from 10.6.1... No idea where to start looking though.