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  1. 775dual-VSTA problem

    just reinstalled and now I just get a flashing underscore would it help if I installed a bootloader for ubuntu or something
  2. 775dual-VSTA problem

    hey guys just installed osx 10.4.6 on my new PC - specs are Pentium D 820 (2.8ghz) 775dual vsta 512mb DDR2 RAM - kingston albatron 7300gt 120gb IDE HDD (windows) and 18.9gb HDD (mac) anyway I took off the printer drivers and other fonts, and installed patcher and SSE3 patch and thats it. now it boots to _$: (FLASHING UNDERSCORE) on the mac HDD - I tried activating the HDD on the install disk with fdisk -i /dev/rdisk but it said the resources are busy. cheers hobo
  3. send me the thing if you get it working im in Australia
  4. WTB: P4DUAL-915GL

    yep they are real pains in the asses to find... I would also be interested in the P4twins-HDTV but it hasn't got support for OSX
  5. WTB: P4DUAL-915GL

    Heya guys I am looking for a cheap Upgrade to my S478 system and the P4DUAL-915GL seams to be the best one avaliable with support for OSX, it also has limited support for PCI-e Must be possible to post/Ship to Australia
  6. Overclock Celeron D

    umm the forum is called "mods and OCing" why not ask here, it is a Mactel after all! also FSB OCing is done in the bios of most boards not a program (although many programs are avaliable)
  7. Taking Apart a g3 slotloading imac

    Like I said its a display model from a mac shop, was sold to me on ebay iT HAS NO CRT Thank you ZactheDraon for th mini guide and thank you Tripleg for the service manuals
  8. Taking Apart a g3 slotloading imac

    anyone? 61 veiws and nothing?
  9. Overclock Celeron D

    I Just Bumped Up The FSB to 200mhz (at least the BIOS told me it was 200mhz) on stock voltage, whent straght to 4ghz it stays cool too, at 50 degrees
  10. Um yes how would I go about taking apart my old dead imac (well not dead exactlly, its one of those ones that are just the case and fake parts inside... but I think it should be the same as a regular slotloader!)
  11. Overclock Celeron D

    whoa thats a tiny OC... my celeron 2.66ghz is running at 4ghz
  12. http://www.petitiononline.com/macospc/petition.html Just sign here
  13. ubuntu method

    a dual layer DVD drive and any DVD/cd drive will do
  14. Few Questions

  15. Few Questions

    Just A few Questions... I am Wanting to install OSx86 on my MSI 661Fm-2 Mobo With a 4ghz overclocked celeron d 330 Got this in the 10.4.1 HCL Would the sound work on a later version heavily patched? What else could I do to make it work on my system? Could I Just Use A DVD Install instead of the deadmoo image? If I Used 2 HDDs with OSX on one and kubuntu on the other would kubuntu recognise OSX in GRUB? There Is A PPC Version Of kubuntu so it would probly detect it Where Could I source A copy from, As I have Dialup PM me if your willing to post me a patched up version!! Thanx Hobo