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  1. 36463658aff360345550fd6245645831 with openssl dgst -md5
  2. Will sell my osx pc in the future and i'm too lazy busy to install osx just to check this out.. Could someone please test the sound input on the board? like recording something with a microphone... or anyone using skype with this mobo's soundchip.. Please drop a post and confirm if sound in works. thanks :pirate2:
  3. New compile of MPlayer (CVS060310)

    Heh, I think I left a prebuilt mp3lib object in the source tree that you can just copy then ranlib when the build fails at that step. It was built with gcc 3.5 but links fine with the other stuff, don't clearly remember though, but it should be in there. XanthraX I have no idea what's going on there Aubin Paul could enable the gui's integration after "initializing" it. At first it doesn't play 90% of the files integrated into the window but once it played a "good" file it will play everything. As a workaround a "good" file like that could be created and played with the gui everytime an instance of it is created. (an mplayer logo perhaps) that would make the gui fully operable I think. Now, in my build the integration is disabled because of that behaviour but someone could possibly modify the gui like that. Don't remember whether I messed around with the code or not but it's surely disabled in the plist. MIGHT be enough to reenable it there. (don't ask me which plist and which key) As for the previous question I don't think the OSX gui is skinnable, it's not the same as the GTK gui with the OSX skin, it's a native XCode app, and I didn't see a skinning option while I was modifying it. Anyway I'm hoping new builds will pop up as I won't be making them anymore. I'm trying to sell my p4dual 915gl based PC. Good luck BRP
  4. New compile of MPlayer (CVS060310)

    "certain avi files" doesn't say much Perhaps if you were a little more specific. Reasons could include a buggy codec, unsupported gfx(with slow cpu), not enough ram, slow disk access, and at least 50 other things. Can't really say anything for just "certain avi files" Do they play fine on VLC?
  5. Selling a GuildWars account that I played for about a day or so. Has a lvl 10 Necromancer/Mesmer price is $20, accept payment through moneybookers.com (no paypal because we're on a send-only list :censored2: ) Will immediately send account through email when the money arrives. Sold
  6. New compile of MPlayer (CVS060310)

    mplayer uses ffmpeg (libavcodec, libavformat, and something else from ffmpeg), but ffmpeg doesn't contain a WMV9 codec. I don't see anything about WMV9 support on ffmpegX site either, though ffmpegx appears to just be a frontend for mencoder in which case you could probably use my mencoder compile with it, if you replace the included one with the one from my mencoder gui bundle, but you'd still be lacking WMA support. (for the new wma formats) plus various other things that I didn't compile into that mencoder (h264 encoding, ac3 encoding, etc.) AFAIK there is no open source WMV9 codec (except libvc1 but that's not really open source) nor is there any way to decode new WMA types without the windows codec loader. Aubin Paul's been making some progress with the loader but I'm too lazy to switch on my osx86 pc these days so didn't test his fixes yet.
  7. New compile of MPlayer (CVS060310)

    I don't get it.. If I'm right in supposing that it's the movie in the background and that it's NOT supposed to be blue then it's a colospace issue.. What GFX card do you have? try other lines or try adding -vf-add noformat=bgra to the additional parameters.
  8. sit file doesnt work

    http://www.open.ou.nl//hsp/Engels/SheepSha...ile_how_to.html Btw, SheepShaver was stupidly unstable last time I used it under windows. Which was when it was released. Well good luck
  9. New compile of MPlayer (CVS060310)

    http://rapidshare.de/files/16064559/MPlaye...t_Pack.zip.html the screenshot says it all =) make sure to put the three items into your HOME directory mplayer should automagically find and use the installed font if for some reason you'd want to go back to the included ttf font open terminal, type "rm -rf ~/.mplayer/font" without quotes and press enter
  10. New compile of MPlayer (CVS060310)

    Hello Command line options are of course given as "additional parameters in the gui
  11. New compile of MPlayer (CVS060310)

    Hello I did look into that Real Format when I saw your post(the other one) and apparently the two players supporting it are Real and Helix, at least Helix being open source you have a chance to get a working player, but since it hasn't been ported to OSX yet (and pretty much nothing besides Linux and Solaris) I think your best bet is to wait for a unibin of Realplayer. I don't know of any other open source players than can play that format . Blue color around the back button? I don't know what you mean
  12. New compile of MPlayer (CVS060310)

    http://rapidshare.de/files/16003669/MPlaye...al_gui.zip.html Changes: With official GUI (kindof experimental, and no video window integration) Common filterchains for both supported and unsuppored gfx can now be selected through the gui without a need to enter them manually. Added a subfont.ttf and two config files to mplayer.app so the OSD menu can now be brought up by * Adding -menu to the additional parameters, and pressing M on the video window. The doubleplay bug somehow disappeared.. The playlist works.