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  1. .Net Development on Mac

    I'm a .Net developer and I have just purchased a Mac Book Pro after messing around with Hackint0sh. I have leopard on a partition, and Vista Ultimate on another using boot camp, and a vista license through my MSDN subscription. It gets a much higher experience rating than my work Dell. I needed the bigger resolution of the 15.4inch screen though. I would have struggled to code using the smaller low resolution screen of the mac book. I love it, easily the best laptop I have ever owned.
  2. Kalyway 10.5.1 boot from usb problem

    Yeah I came on here when it was first possible to install osx on a normal PC, and it worked but there were problems such as display driver issues so I couldn't do much with it. Once leopard got released the support was much better, so I have just recently returned to the fold. To be honest I'm thinking about just buying a Mac Owning an iPhone for 6 months has made me a convert
  3. A while back I installed Kalyway 10.5.1 of leopard on my Dell D820 laptop. It worked prefectly, but due to infrequent use I needed to reclaim the drive space. I now have an external USB 2.0 drive so thought I would install Leopard on that using the same Kalyway 10.5.1 disk. I followed the exact same procedure as before and installed fine, but when I boot it up with -V it simply hangs at the following line DirectoryService[49]: WARNING - dsTouch: file was asked to be opened : (File exists) If I let it boot up without the -v flag it just sits with the spinning apple logo indefinitley. Anybody help? Is there any tips I should follow with regards to booting from USB? Cheers