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  1. Getting DG33TL to work

    I followed all the tips of this thread and finally got Aitkos v.4 working on my setup. The interesting thing is after installation, when it restarts I was getting the holly NO BOOT DEVICE FOUND message. After many bios setups I decided to hook my sata hd (with only osx installed, no windows) to an external USB enclosure and guess what??? I was able to finish installation. I restarted the system many times with this setup, but every time I put this hd back to its sata port on the motherboard I get the same NO BOOT DEVICE FOUND found. What exaclty I should do while in OSX for it boot from the sata port? thanks a lot, you guys made it possible. I still should give Kalios version a try but if this one works Im done. I use an external usb card that works fine. CD rom is not recognized and no network, but I wont need that for now. thanks again and lets see if i can fix this. all the best, makfunk - Intel Q6600 Quad Core - Intel DG33BU motherboard - 4 Gb of DDR2 800 - Samsung SATA 250GB - Samsung DVD-RW - GeForce 7200GS