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  1. Nvidia GeForce Gt430 Yosemite?

    I will try that, my GT 440 is doing the same thing, won't let me boot to desktop with image unless i use the nv=disable flag. I have tried everything i can imagine
  2. Black screen with GT 440

    But I don't have sound issues in Yosemite, just the gfx card that gives black screen unless i use the disable flag. I tried what you said, took out the dsdt and the no disable flags and I get another black screen.
  3. Black screen with GT 440

    I have GraphicsEnabler=Yes by default, but my question is: Now in yosemite do i need the dsdt? I used to need it in Mavericks for correct alc889 sound support, but out of the box everything except the graphics works without dsdt. The thing is when i first didn't have the DSDT I still had black screen with or without web drivers. The only thing that changed was when i tried to add the SMBIOS to the info plist in the stock kext so that my system recognises the gfx card as a full 1024MB and not 3MB card.
  4. Hi, so i installed the niresh yosemite and everything works except the GT440 that i have so far managed to make it appear at system info as EVGA GT440 1024MB. But if i boot i get a black screen unless i use nv_disable=1. What can i do? i tried the web drivers but didn't work. Mavericks setup was so perfect! I upload my iron and DSDT iMac.ioreg.zip DSDT.aml.zip
  5. Gt 430 and fullhd videos

    hmm i have a 430 but i don't know how to install the drivers i got black screen when booting into snow leopard.
  6. Hey guys, so i was happy with my 9500gt running everything but today i bought a ECS 430GT, i put it in, and boot into sno leo, of course it kernel panic, so i entered by disabling the 9500gt driver then i installed the tony nivida patch hoping it would just make the 430 gt work i rebooted and it just made the screen go black after the grey boot screen logo. I tried different commands but none seems to work to at least try to enter again. How can i fix this guys? A funny thing, when i did check system graphics device it still showed me 9500gt i guess i didn't remove it but im not sure what to do now. I can have access to files on the HDD cause of macdrive. Any help will be much apretiated.
  7. Well i have a sonix built in cam with mic. The funny part is that, it doesnt seem to work on xp, it doesn seem to work on win7 and! same thing on 10.5.8/7. The notebook orginally came with a home vista, had the cam working. Today i disassembled the notebook just to check the chips codes. I found my cam is a sonix SN9C260AJ which is nowhere to be found i even got a picture of it, the guys on the site dont have it listed its so so funny i really hate this third companies. Also the funniest is. My lan which didnt worked on osx cause it was a sis191, turned to be a RTL8201CL LOL. So im gonna try some things here and there and checkback if somebody else owns a PACKARD BELL notebook, it would be nice to hear from you about some kexts.
  8. Realtek 8168/8111 solution

    Hey yall, im using the kext that came with the iAtkos V7, which works flawlesly but, sometimes when i leave utorrent downloading i loose all connectivity like its hanged. I still get DHCP ips but no "router" ip, i restart the router plug unplug and is useless, i just have to restart. Its boring that works and just hangs when i leave it to download files. This used to happen when xp had some event 1426 i think it was it did the same, said you reached the maximum concurrent connections so it wouldnt connect again. I think ill try this kext, but i want to know if somebody else is having the same issue.
  9. Leopard on Packard Bell Mh35

    this might be silly lol i own myself a mh35 the only differences are that mine came with 3gb ram and a pentium d 1,73 i tried iatkos v7, with vanilla kernel and it just happen to have a waiting for bla bla, so i boot up again and gave it the sata VIA driver and then osx came asking for keyboard, plus mouse nor touchpad was working, funny thing is, i gave it usb plus cardbus driver plus a ps/2 driver which said good for laptops because it included a touchpad thing and it wont boot, so i think its something with having usb and not the ps/2 thing.
  10. im gonna try this fix, i only have problems working with my mouse, but every mp3 i plugged worked, but mouse doesnt work, the cursor will just stay still on my laptop
  11. i hace a packard vell laptop with ideneb 10.5 and when i press shutdown or shutdown from menu it closes everything and then a message saying i have to restart or press shutdown button to shutdown, what should i do to get shutdown, i dont need sleep
  12. hi there i tried the methods out there but didnt seem to work i have a 15,4 on my laptop and it seems to justy like 1280x768 which id like to change to vista default 1280x800 how may i proceed thanks lads
  13. omg i just tried the ones from the site, and i got connected, the issue is how do i get files shared and ics like i had with vista
  14. AYUDA IDENEB 10.5.5

    en mi packard bell lo que funciono fue cambiar las opciones de instalacion y ahora disfruto del ideneb 10.55 lo unico que el wifi 8187b de realteck me hace dar dolores de cabezas y mucho no se de mac
  15. i have a realteck 8187b and i cant connect to wlan or sometimes find them