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  1. Hello, by the title of this topic you must already know that I have a Inspiron 1521, which can not boot leopard. After several hours of fiddiling with boot options and rummaging through both google and this site, I have found that people have gotten Leopard to work on this computer, yet I haven't seen anyone explain how. Thus far I have installed Kalyway 10.5.2 My system specs are AMD TURION X2 1.8 GHz 2GB of RAM X1270 ATI Sigmatel Audio Right now I am not interested so much in audio (I can fix that later) but rather getting the machine to boot into leopard. Things I have tried speedstepkernel -v (-legacy) ---- leads to blank screen sleepkernel -v (-legacy) ------- Blank screen Machkernel -v (-legacy) ---- hangs? and yes I have tried setting cpus=1 with no avail. If anyone who has gotten it to work on this laptop please respond with your boot options for kalyway to make it boot, or some other recommendation. Viva la OSx86!
  2. Hello, I have had some problems running OSx86 on my linux laptop, by this I mean I have no success running osx86 on any virtualization software e.g. VMWARE, Parralles, and some other one ending with box. I would love to have it dual boot but sense my HDD is SATA I know it will be a pain. OSx86 works on my vista on the same comp but when I use my ubuntu (7.04) it does not work, any suggestions?
  3. dr choc

    Leopard thoeries

    see the third party apps would be run in tiger and leopard is much more than 10 moree apps it has a different core skystem and a different way it runs
  4. dr choc

    Leopard thoeries

    okay so ive read alot about leopard and various OSx86 attempts but no show. so this topic is about what could ebe done in theory so list your theories! k let me start, my theory is getting leopard running on a genuine intel mac first and experiment from there adding drives into leopard from tiger mixing kernals to make kernals that has all nessacary Leopard things while also puting in what makes tiger work together. of course my mentality is this leopard is like a huge hay stack and there is the needle in the hay stck the hay stack is the hack so undereath all of the leopard GUI Kernal ETC there should be some thing that is universal to tigger. Summary Basically creating a system that ISN'T leopard but ISN'T Tiger but a hybrid of them both combined taking the best out of each
  5. dr choc

    Vista RC1 avaliable to the masses!

    so what is this any differnet then bta two (as in any major changes) im not to much of a fan of windows i just like to see them squel in there advanvements compared to its competitor apple!
  6. dr choc

    Encarta is to Windows as "?" is to Mac

    OXFORD AMERICAN DICTIONARIES is what mac uses it says dictionaries but it's an encyclopedia
  7. dr choc

    Install from HDD?

    okay you need to install the osx86 from vmware i did this already on my friends comp cuz he doesnt have dvd burner okay get iso of install disc and mount it using daemon tools then go into vmware and use the physical drive as harddisk install from there - Dr. Choc
  8. dr choc

    OSx86 Install 10.4.5 Help

    hey srry i cant answer all you questions with a sure response but here is what i think for your first problem with mouse/keyboard try enabling legacy options in your bios not to sure how to do that since i dont know your bios and if that doesnt work try a usb mouse and for hte last problem it is in your mac partition somewhere its called apple.com.boot.list or something like that look inside of that file and you should see timeout or something change that to whatever try safe mode too -x if it turns off while booting up try -s and exit in safe mode (exit -x) IF ALL ELSE fails try using vmware to load up the partition and use your mouse from there and just pass the installation setup thing and try to fix from there and ? what dvd image are u using?
  9. Steve Jobs The CO-Founder of APPLE and now the CEO does he really care about apple or does he just want its money? before Steve Jobs became CEO of Apple he said this to a newsreporter "If i were in charge of Apple i would milk it for all it's got and then move on the PC wars are over" on the other hand he adopted the new mac os x versions from his old computer company NeXT i she starting to care now that he is in control of the company? even with all that i believe no i still think he is going to try to get the most from apple mainly becuase of all the things he did for example he realeased the new video ipoid before it was suppose to come out and also he risked the company's secure sales by moving into intel and we all know that some of us got ox86 working so if he really is going to "milk apple for all its got" then he might even sell the mac os for intel as a software before he finishes with the company
  10. dr choc

    Video problem....

    i had a problem like this except i foudn the change in video buffer not in displays but in the legacy section
  11. dr choc

    Resize VMWare file

    Okay to start this of i want to get your question clear you want to increase the size of the 10.4.1 but without having to first install it on a real partition correct? well i would guess you would have to follow these steps (before anything make a new partition physical partition type=w/e it doesnt matter make the partition size to whatever you want the 10.4.1 sizze to be) first you need vmware workstation and open the tiger .vmx image located in the tiger-x86 folder open that w/ vmware second don tboot it up just yet when in the start where u see all the devices click add devices and add a hardrive select down to select a physical hard drive add the hardrive and click through warning messages now boot off the tiger-x86 image and enter it and open disk utility (apps>utilities>disk utility) select the partition you made earlier and erase it format mac os extended (journaled) name it w/e and erase okay now go to the restore tab at the top and in source drag the tiger image (the one your using in vmware) and the destination is the partition you erased and restore it then in that same partition the on eyou erased then restored select first aid and select reapair disk permissions and then you nned to the chain0 thing im not gonna go into that