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  1. Kernel Panics...

    I've installed the marklar release on both of my comps before. It ran great on them. I want to try newer builds, but I keep getting kernel panics whever I try to boot 8f1111/a or any other newest release. I've tried the cpuid and rtc fix. releases like the jas 4.2 patched 8f1111a dvd wont boot. What the hell? I know I have PAE on both of my comps so this is {censored}. the first "address" I see in the panic at THE TOP is 0x0019C604. This person had the same problem: http://www.tech-recipes.com/modules.php?na...iewtopic&t=1940
  2. install from DVD

    hit enter AS SOON AS that message comes up. it says that if you dont do anything fast enough. and make sure you click in the window and you have control of the machine. I made that mistake a few times. If you hit enter you wil see a reaction right away, if it keeps dotting a line then you are not controlling the machine.
  3. DMCA Site Policy Discussion.

    Wouldn't want new ideas floating around. That could lead to more and quicker progress and broader knowledge. Yeah man, that would suck. Please excuse my assholic atitude but GOOD GOD. This guy's WORDS and even the friggin links to helpful places were deleted. This is like ps2nfo.com! Is it possible to host this site on an-out-of-jurisdiction server and let it be free to be whatever?
  4. DeathChill wrote: He said that recording the video slowed it down tremendously so we can expect it to be faster then that anyway That and the framerate of the encoded video. I would expect, by default, its not very high.
  5. Supported Hardware

    I actually have the D915gev board. SO I should be pretty damn compatable. to the most I can be, of course. Friggin communist apple and its hardware checks.