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  1. Chameleon RC4 is out!

    Do you have separate folders for Leo/Snow kexts in Extensions? Because some are specific to the OS version. FakeSMC for one.
  2. The MSI Thread

    Thanks. What kind of temperatures are you getting with these settings? This is what I really need to know, because when I disable Intel Turbo Boost, even without overclocking at all, my temperatures go up very high. It seems to break Speedstepping somehow...
  3. Chameleon RC4 is out!

    Looks really, really nice guys. I'm glad to see good design making it's way into hackintosh-land. Keep up the good work. Not that you need more features, but I have a feature suggestion. I, and many others, keep Chameleon boot disk separate from OS X install. (mine is on a flash drive that connects right to the mobo usb header) When everything is running smoothly, I like to keep the boot volume hidden. It's not too hard with Terminal, but maybe it would be nice to have this option (hide/unhide) in the Chameleon pref pane? Onyx has this option, and I find it really useful. Just a thought...
  4. The MSI Thread

    Here's the link to the OC'ing guide for 1156 cpu's: LGA1156 Core i7 & i5 Overclocking Guide EDIT: I figured out how to change the ratio, but am not having luck with the settings... p_sct, could you possibly post your BIOS settings that you used? As soon as I turn off "Turbo boost" the temps are sky-high. If I leave it on and OC even a little bit, I get a KP on boot. TIA, ~Aargh
  5. The MSI Thread

    Anyone have experience overclocking an MSI p55 board? I found a great tutorial for oc'ing the i7 860, but the settings that I would like to change are grayed out in my BIOS. Any tips are appreciated...
  6. The MSI Thread

    You can put RealtekR100SL.kext in E/E if you include IONetworkingFamily.kext as well.
  7. Chameleon RC4 is out!

    That was it. Thanks. When I click the Swap hd 0<->2 option in the boot setup, the pref pane crashes instantly. Does this every time I try it. My Snow drive is shown as hd(2,1) if I tab in Chameleon, and this is what I have default set to in order to really default to that partition. However, it shows in the pref pane as being hd(3,2). Sorry if I'm missing something here, but how do I get it to read correctly? Choosing swap 0<->1 doesn't help, and the other crashes it.
  8. Chameleon RC4 is out!

    Doesn't cause my system to crash, but... ~Second time starting it, I get a message that says "System Preferences must be restarted to use this pane" ~The info next to my primary Snow Leo partition is blank until I "click the lock to allow changes" ~Says "System Preferences (32-bit)" above Sys Prefs Panel. Did it always say this? EDIT: No, removing Cham pref pane, this goes back to just "System preferences" ~No option for RestartFix=Yes ? Great work, Rekursor...
  9. Yes, this new version of PleaseSleep is quite nice. Its actually better than Vanilla auto-sleep in some ways... at least on my UD3P, it will auto sleep when I'm listening to iTunes or encoding a movie. PleaseSleep now lets you have it not sleep when certain apps are running.
  10. Hey there, I have an LG GBC-H20L BluRay drive, which is preventing auto sleep for me. If I disconnect it, auto-sleep works fine. I tried that script, but also with no results. Also tried the "leaving a blank disc in the drive trick", no go. Strange thing is, I had this drive (along with a Samsung DVD drive) installed in my UD3P, and auto sleep worked fine on that.
  11. Firewire issues

    Thanks MacKonsti! I was able to get Hot Plugging on my FireWire with that bit of information. I moved it to the same device as you (PCIB in my dsdt). I wish I could get it working in RP03, the way it is on the iMacs, but using the same technique proved fruitless. At least it's fully functional now. @kDawg, that was the last of the stuff on my list as far as functionality goes... a few small things left that I would like to figure out semantically, but, nothing pressing.
  12. The MSI Thread

    Or BIOS settings...
  13. The MSI Thread

    I am using a 100% Vanilla install... didn't have to mod anything on the Snow Leopard install itself. The bootloader, dsdt, smbios.plist and com.apple.Boot.plist take care of everything. Are you using an untouched install? My advice, if possible, is to try it with a fresh install. You can at least rule out some possibilities. I keep all this stuff on a usb flash disk, leaving the OS disk completely untouched. This is a good idea for several reasons; most importantly, you can have a backup usb boot stick in case something goes awry. This is especially helpful if you experiment with different dsdt patches often, as I do. If a patch doesn't work, I just pop the backup stick in and reboot. I have a USB flash drive that plugs right onto the mobo usb header for when I'm done messing around with the dsdt stuff. Then I just set the flash drive to be hidden, and I don't have to see it if I don't want to. Sorry if my rambling wasn't any help. Let me know how it goes for you. ~Aargh
  14. The MSI Thread

    Hi folks, A number of people have been moving from Gigabyte mobos to MSI, as they need much less tweaking to get things working for Hackintosh. However, much of the work that has been done for DSDTs is specific to Gigabyte or Asus mobos, and MSI owners are having to interject their questions and solutions into threads that were originally started for this other hardware. Therefore, I am starting this thread as a place to discuss all things MSI. The information will be much easier to keep track of if it's contained in one place. I will try to keep this post updated with DSDTs as they are added to this thread. p55m-gd45 DSDT v2.2 ~posted by: Aargh-a-Knot ~Issues: None so far ~Link to post: HERE I will include a link to the post where the DSDT is posted. Please include information about kexts, boot file, and SMBios info at the bottom of your post, following my example here. I recently purchased an MSI p55M-gd45 mobo and an Intel core-i7 860 processor, and I couldn't be happier. To see details about my complete build with pics, click HERE to go to my blog, OSX Marks the Spot. Many of the things that required DSDT patches with the Gigabyte boards are working out-of-box with no tweaking. Things like vanilla SpeedStepping or hard drives displaying silver instead of orange. With only a minimal amount of changes, I was able to have almost everything working, except for two things: Wake from sleep, and Audio. I was able to get audio working in my original DSDT by adding Device (HDEF) and using LegacyHDA in /Extra, but, it sounded distorted. The bad sound quality was present using USB audio card as well, though not as bad as onboard sound. After much investigation, I found a a DSDT that had been patched by InsanelyMac member pm_mickey that had audio working crystal clear. The HDEF device was exactly the same as in my original, so I am not sure what else could be causing the issue. The problem with pm_mickey's DSDT, however, was that I had no firewire. Others had luck by removing the FRWR device from the DSDT, but it did not help in my case. I believe there must be some differences in the p55m boards that account for this. Anyway, I was able to patch together a DSDT with both working sound and Firewire. So far, everything seems to be working great. I will be investigating further to see if there any other ways I can optimize the DSDT to my specific board. I am using the following with this DSDT: Kexts: fakesmc, IONetworkingFamily, RealtekR1000SL, and LegacyHDA. Boot file: AsereBLN SMproductname: macPro3,1 BIOS version: 1.4
  15. Attention MSI owners: I have started a thread specific to MSI mobos, HERE. I think it will be easier for us to gather and access information specific to MSI boards if we keep a separate thread running. I have posted a mostly-working DSDT for my p55m-gd45 board over there. ~Aargh