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  1. Intel wireless 2200

    I don't know why it isn't listened in the HCL... i'll insert. Anyway, is a MiniPCI DELL TrueMobile 1450 with Broadcom BCM4309M chipset. I bought it from ebay, payed 20€ (used).This was the auction Is fully compatible with the 10.4.6 and with the new Jas upgrade 10.4.7 without any tricks
  2. Configuring Darwin bootloader

    You have to set the Osx partition as the active one. Actually is active your Xp partition.
  3. Intel wireless 2200

    As in the previous versions, all the intel chipset wifi card won't work with any drivers. Check the HCL list Pukos P.S. i changed mine with a new one
  4. [ITA] Riepilogo schede video

    Intel 855GME su 10.4.6 in modalità VESA. Chiaramente senza QE CI. Da quanto ne sò questa scheda andava sulla 10.4.1 dopodiché nulla...
  5. I confirm that the Dell 1450 works with 1.4.46 but i didn't try yet the Wep encryption
  6. Wireless Choices

    My Dell 802.11 a/b/g Mini PCI WiFi card with Broadcom BCM94309MP chipset work with any sort of patch. Just plugged. Great card!
  7. Startup items

    Tnx steve, that's the problem!!! I'm tryng with Diablotin too but it gave me an error: "You cannot open Diablotin preferences pane on this computer. Contact the developer of this software for a new version" Why??! (I downloaded the last version 1.2.8) Peraphs the problem is my osx86 tiger?
  8. Startup items

    Is empty!!!!
  9. I'm not an advanced user but if you could tell me the exact error you receive peraphs we could find a solution... Anyway it's very strange that it stopped to work "by it self"... are you sure don't have "touch" some ketx file? Or installed some update? Or some app? MUST be a cause!
  10. Startup items

    So nobody know how disable the startup items??? I can't believe it
  11. I notice many services that i don't need start automatically. Like Apache... How can i disable some of those items? they are (problable) slowing down my system... I check out my startupitems folder but it's empty! Tnx
  12. Start with the -v option from darwin boot and look for some ketx error... Or just try to replace the kext (I can't remeber the exact name)
  13. Which version of tiger you are using? On my 10.4.6 it work flawlessy!