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    Snow Leopard Live 2010

    Great Thanks and Good luck! Looking forward big time
  2. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to more
  3. @hiqu thanks! @machinist thanks, did not know that trick!
  4. Hey, I'm very sorry, my bad, I goofed up on the CPU part above(it sank in halfway through), if you'll be using it a lot for CAD would recommend the i7 860/930 since they have 8 threads as opposed to the i5's 4 threads only. That is where the i7's would stand out. Check out the benchmarks - http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/108?vs=109 - to see if your program of choice is listed there. For CAD/simulation the CPU is more important then the GPU(unless its the Quadro's, which are not supported by the macs, mainstream gfx cards won't make much of a difference) Also for CS and similar games the GTS 250 should be more then enough, even the 9800GT would do, if it's not a high resolution. For price to performance ratio they are roughly equal since the price to performance differential is almost equivalent to the price jump, more benchmarks here http://www.tomshardware.com/charts/2010-ga...,2131.html?prod[4001]=on&prod[4004]=on&prod[4011]=on The gfx card to use depends a lot on the resolution, the higher the res, the beefier the card you need. The mobo looks good too, check out the tonymac site for more info, he's got good guides. Also, one last thing, when you install Win 7/XP make sure it's 64 bit, 32 bit will only recognize 3GB of ram + 1 gb of gfx card! Good luck, your system's going to be a pretty fast!
  5. Hey, my two cents: 1. The performance difference between the i5 750 & the i7 860 IMO does not justify the cost, check out the rough benchmark at http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/108?vs=109 2. Not sure about the compatibility of the ASUS, generally Gigabyte's MB's are the most compatible and easiest to get running. The GA-p55m-ud2 / p55-usb3 are good, but don't offer SLI though 3. Sucks but ATI 5xxx cards not supported(yet), there's some rumors about Apple using the 5750 in the new iMac's but nothing concrete yet, Apple expected to announce something in early June at their conference. Something comparable would be the GTS 250 or even better the GTX 260. Btw do you already have a monitor? If so what resolution will you be working at and will you be playing games? 4. HDD: Not too sure about the performance of these, but have a look at the WD black specs and compare, good thing about the Blacks is the 5 year warranty which nobody else offers, even WD gives it only on their black line, not on the green or blue 5. If getting the GTS 250, would recommend a corsair 550, else for GTX 260 the corsair 650. Somesay even the 550 would be enough for the GTX 260, but the price difference is marginal and always good to have room. 6. If you're going to be doing a lot of CAD would recommend more RAM, no need for anything fancy, 8 GB would be good.
  6. Hi, I'm also building my rig and planning to get the U2711, could you please tell me which graphics card you're using? Thanks!
  7. cooler master hyper 212 plus heatsink is pretty good, plus slap on some good heatsink.
  8. Something similar in performance to the 5770 would be the GTS 250. If you want something beefier, both the GTX 260 and GTX 285 work well. Come June there may be support for the 5750 (search the board), so your 5770 may just work! Do keep us posted.
  9. Have read somewhere here that the GTX 295 is also supported, albeit with a little bit of tlc - http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1338125 I'm also thinking about getting the 295......Please do share which config you decided to go in for and how its working out for you Thanks