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  1. pet1

    Choppy slow video/graphics on HD4600 desktop

    You just saved me a bunch of more wasted time. Got it. I'm obviously using the nvidia 740 if that's the case. Thanks again everyone.
  2. pet1

    Choppy slow video/graphics on HD4600 desktop

    Nvidia works fine. I wanted to use both at the same time. I was under the impression that was possible. If I disable the frame buffer edits the system restarts when it boots to the desktop, or black screen. This is with either smbios's.
  3. pet1

    Choppy slow video/graphics on HD4600 desktop

    Yes I do have an nvdia 740 in there as well.
  4. pet1

    Choppy slow video/graphics on HD4600 desktop

    Thanks for all the input. If I opt to uncheck nvda_drv=1 do I use the new web option switch? I thought that was for sierra. I have used 14,1 14,2 etc. And seems to be the same. I'll try again with leaving platform Id blank cycling thru different smbios' s. I use 5,1 cause 14,1 14,2 causes the auto sound detect to stop working after sleep.
  5. pet1

    Choppy slow video/graphics on HD4600 desktop

    Thanks for the reply. My config is there now. I'll look into the link you shared.
  6. I'm using 0x0d220003 as the platform id. I've also left it blank. Either way it's the same result. I've also used 0x04168086 for Intel FakePCID but when I do it comes up as no kext loaded in system profiler. If I leave platform id blank or insert the above I get 16 megabytes of vram and the kext is loaded but the video is very choppy and snowy. Attached is my config. This is on an asus z97-a, 4790K on El Capitan using clover. Thanks in advance. config.plist.zip
  7. pet1

    New AppleHDA Patcher

    Thanks for the posting this info. I have an asus z97 usb 3.1. I patched both alc885 and adi1988b and I repeated the cold boot procedure on both and 1988b worked. I just copied the adummy.kext, clover info (was 3 entries) and codec commander.
  8. pet1

    New AppleHDA Patcher

    I just updated to 10.11.4 and my alc892 is no longer working. I tried to repatch using both 885 and 1988b and replacing the dummy.kext along with the clover patch info. I also used your recently posted 1.2 version but didn't work. In the speaker drop down menu there is a list but line in is detected as headphones. But it's just cosmetic at the moment. No sound. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. No. I get the same panic. Whether I boot from the usb installer or the installed drive. I'm using clover in legacy mode.
  10. I just upgraded my intel core 2 duo setup to a z97 a usb 3.1 with 4790k. When I try try to boot off of my installed El Capitan drive or installer I get the following the kernel panic listed above.
  11. Check your efi partition setup. I fixed my issue because it wasn't partitioned properly.
  12. pet1

    Mac Pro has imac Icon

    It's a modded fakesmc. I'll try a stock one. Although I'm having a separate issue I mentioned on the board.
  13. pet1

    config.plist issues

    My problem lies within the boot loader. Not the installer. I got passed that step with ease thanks to tonymac. It's been solid since I upgraded last week. The issue arose after I made the changes. I' ve been on the scene since 05. Osx86's conception.. Problem solved. My efi partition was hfs and not fat 32 as legacy mode requires.
  14. I was tweaking my config's c and p states. After saving the changes it would just hang at boot. Something about hid. (At work at the moment.)Right before in loads into the gui. So I reverted the settings. Same thing except now my 8168 doesn't load altogether. I have to boot off of my [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] el capitan installer to get into the os. I don't understand what happened all of a sudden because I copied the original plist back. Any ideas?
  15. pet1

    Mac Pro has imac Icon

    I just regenerated values for all of the parameters. Same thing. The one's you mentioned as well. You in the bx?