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  1. I know that your post is older but am curious as to whether you've managed to get it working.
  2. easter_rebel

    [TOTALLY VANILLA] Retail Snow Leopard

    I finally got SL installed and even had the upgrade to 6.1 installed. But I found that unless the USB keeyboard is plugged in I don't have a keyboard/trackpad. Any suggestions??? no audio either Compaq C762nr laptop. running SL 6.1
  3. easter_rebel

    [TOTALLY VANILLA] Retail Snow Leopard

    This guide is great. I followed it carefully and was able to boot and got a successful install of SL on my Compaq C762NR laptop. Upon the first boot after installation successful, using -v I noticed the following line which seems to prevent booting to continue. "IOHDIX Controller: CreateDriveKernel: Return 0x6b" (4 lines same thing.) result is no boot. At preseent, I am running OSX 10.5.5 (iDeneb 1.3) without major issues. Any help/suggestions is greatly appreciated
  4. easter_rebel

    [HOW TO] Patch AppleHDA - Knowledge Base

    can you upload a copy of your appleHDA.kext. I'm trying to solve the same type of problem with a Cx20561. thanks
  5. Sorry, but I never posted before and that's what came out.
  6. [REMOVED] I hate to sound like such a newbie but how/where can I get the dumps needed for my system?
  7. easter_rebel

    Atheros AR5005(G)

    I tried your system multiple times and then I found this added note. can't find kextcache and it still doesn't recognize the AR5007 minipci card. Other than that which really bugs me, 10.5.5 is the bomb. Can you please help?