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  1. Hi ludacrisvp - thanks for the informative reply and I finally understand what this is all about now One last question before I edit the partition table on sdb2. This is the live CD partition editor and I already have an existing fat32 partition on both disks...? What do I modify?
  2. Hi ludacrisvp. I'm about to do this to my Mac Pro in order to see the SATA Blu-Ray on ODD Port 5 but before I do a quick question if I may.. I have four internal SATA HDDs. Bay 1 is MacOS X boot drive, Bay 2 is partitioned thus: First partition is HFS+, second partition is Vista 64 Bay 3 is spare drive (currently HFS+ but can be erased) Bay 4 is spare drive (currently HFS+ but can be erased) In my case what would be the correct nomenclature for the relevant disks and partitions in grub and for the menu.lst file. Thanks for the walkthrough!