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  1. System Preferences Crash

    I know this has been up here awhile, the last entry (2006) by Willgonz worked for me, slick and the first time. OSX 10.6.5, newest version of Pacifist, from an OSX 10.6.3 install disk. If you're still out there Willgonz, thanks. After "find" Sharingpref.prefpane there was only one iteration showing (all prefpanes but only one labeled sharingpref. Install, restart, bingo. It's up. Thanks all, John
  2. Snow Leopard and Darwine?

    X11 stuff is available on your operating system disks, can't remember details but it's in one of the supplemental install packages. Should be easy to find if you throw the Leopard or Tiger disk in, pretty sure it was around on Panther too.
  3. Just a quick thanks to you-all for some wonderful work. If Apple had real vision they'd just do a mass hire from this board. I've learned more about Osx in the past 24 hours than I knew in ten years of using macs. Up and running with Kalyway .1, am getting ready to do the chameleon thing. I sense a need for a definitions tutorial (flat install etc), & might start assembling one to put up if no one knows of one out there?