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  1. LaCie External eSATA HDD

    Hey, I know this is old but I just wanna say thanks for the help.
  2. Acer 8930

    Hey, a friend of mine asked me to post this. A few months ago we tried installing OSx86 to his laptop and eventually got there except his sound/LAN (both Wi-Fi and Ethernet) wouldn't work. We searched everywhere for drivers to no avail. His specs. Have any compatible sound/LAN drivers become available in recent months? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.
  3. Phenom & AMD 790FX

    Oh, OK. Yeah, my drive uses SATA so maybe there's something to that. The "waiting for root device" prompt does usually have to do with that. I'd say, if you're really that determined, try using a SATA optical drive instead. They're real cheap, even the especially fast/dual-layer ones. But maybe you should do some more research before you take it that far. Anyway, I hope OSx86 works out OK for you somehow.
  4. Phenom & AMD 790FX

    Hey. Have you tried Leo4All v4.1 AMD? I'm pretty sure I saw SB7xx listed under supported chipsets but I'm not 100% sure--my board uses SB600 (albeit also 790FX). Chipsets aside, my Phenom 9950 works fine. The most intensive app' I use is GarageBand '08 (with smaller stuff running in the background), but as far as I can tell it works perfectly (encoding included). Which reminds me; is LawlessPPC any more reliable than Leo4All v4.1 AMD for Phenom processors? I know LawlessPPC claims explicit Phenom support, but is it really anymore optimal than Leo4All? I just want the best experience possible, so any info on that would be great. P.S. Oh, and make sure you install Chameleon after installing Leopard; the copy of Chameleon used by the Leo4All installation DVD is 'live'--it isn't installed to your HDD.
  5. Hello. I've been eyeing this external HDD for a while and think I might use it for Time Machine/any files I think should be portable. However, eSATA is key, and although the device is described as Mac-compatible, I think that might just be for USB 2.0/FireWire. I'm using Mac OS X 10.5.4 (Leo4All 4.1 AMD) with an Asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe/WiFi-AP motherboard; will the HDD work with my system? Do Macs even use eSATA? Any help would be appreciated, thanks. P.S. If it's any help, I know all my USB ports are functional--haven't been able to test FireWire since I don't own any FireWire devices.
  6. Two different graphics cards in same computer?

    I tried placing my GeForce 7800 GT in PCIe slot one, and my Radeon HD 4870 in slot two, but I don't see the option to switch between adapters in Vista, which I didn't expect. Am I doing something wrong here? By the way, I'm trying to have this operate on a single-monitor setup; my monitor has both DVI and VGA inputs, so I can easily switch sources, but first I need Vista to use the 4870, and OSx86 to use the 7800 (which currently it does by default). Can something like this be configured in the BIOS? If we can solve this I'm sure we'll be helping out a lot of community/potential community members, as already evident in this thread. Please, any help would be great.
  7. Hey. I'm interested in installing OSx86 on my system, and although I know there aren't currently any drivers to support my ATI Radeon HD 4870, I do have an nVidia GeForce 7800 GT lying around that I intend to use. However, there's no way I'm getting rid of my 4870, so would it be possible to have both installed and use, say, EasyBCD to designate the 7800 GT as the appropriate card for booting OSx86 with? I'm very eager to get this dual-boot up and running so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading. P.S. I wish to have this operate on a single-monitor setup. My monitor features two inputs--one for DVI, one for D-sub--and has the ability to easily switch between sources. I know it's safe, as I currently use it for switching between my PC and Xbox 360.