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  1. Set manuel resolution to 1900x1200x32@60Hz

    Hello, thanks that did it. First and most importend it added the controls for display with the refresh-rate. So I can choose the rate depending on the resolution. I am wondering is there a reason why with nvkush the resolution and the refresh-rate are fixed settings while elsewere you can mix your own setting? switchres did the trick so now my mac runs smoothly and even the bluetooth is working. alex.
  2. Hello, i am using 10.5.5 with nkush installed for my asus 9800gtx+ card. Everything is working great QE, OpenGL etc. but I am missing the correct resolution for my screen. The list in Monitors show only 1900x1200@76 and @85Hz. But my screen needs @60. Does anybody know how to set the Hz manually to 60Hz or how to edit the list? Regards, alex.
  3. Set manuel resolution to 1900x1200x32@60Hz

    Hello, i have read about editing the comm.apple.boot.plist using the key <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>1900x1200x32</string> but how do I set the 60Hz? Or can I just add @60Hz to the string? Any Ideas?
  4. Hi, I am running Leopard using a asus gtx9800 512 Mb Card. Everything works fine thanks to all the useful help here. But one problem bugs me: I can set all kinds of resolutions in Display but the one my monitor need is not shown. I need 1900x1200x32@60Hz. Shown is only 1900x1200@76Hz and 80Hz. My TFT will cannot use these. Does anybody know how to get a custom resolution or how to add the @60Hz to the ones shown? Regards, alex.