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  1. im sorry, i was not clear. I am based in the US. it looks like HP has the dv3t series here which has similar specs, but it uses the 512MB NVIDIA GeForce G 105M which sounds like a no go for leopard if im not mistaken.
  2. does anyone know where i can buy a 3500 series laptop? i searched online, but i cant find any. is this a brick and mortar store exclusive? Thanks, David
  3. I'm having a problem with my dvd burner. Intermittently it will lose its connection with OSX. Toast, finder, parallels, etc will not be able to find it. I currently have a SATA dvd drive (pioneer). Is it related to my IDE sata kexts? Any help would be great its annoying that I need to restart my computer to burn a dvd sometimes.
  4. David7586

    Converting AVI's To DVD's

    you can also use toast titanium if you want a pretty simple UI; however, it wont give you any advanced options to choose from. The quality is great tho.
  5. There seems to be no way in ressurecting my hard drive that was once a dedicated "boot camp" drive on my hackintosh. It's a seagate barracude IDE drive that I'm trying to install a copy of native windows XP onto. Everytime i format the drive i get a message on how the hal.dll is missing. i've tried copying anew hal.dll, reformted many times using an XP install disk, reformted with the OSX install disk, had a linux distro remake my partition table.....ARGH!!! please help!
  6. Does anyone have a solution that would prevent USBoverdrive from detecting my logitech USB adapter needed for my wireless keyboard? The keyboard ( a logitech dinovo edge) has a builtin trackpad which must be why it comes up as a mouse. If anyone could provide a solution it would be very much appreciated.
  7. David7586

    10.4.10 breaks d-link 120 bluetooth

    i ended up fixing my problem by using the koolkal combo 10.4.10 update coming from a JAS 10.4.8 install.
  8. My bluetooth dongle (apple supported dlink 120) was working great until I upgraded to 10.4.10. I was using 10.4.9 and had no problems pairing with my headset. Now, when I am searching for devices my bluetooth will detect any discoverable device at the bluetooth assistant screen; but when i click the continue button it refuses to proceed. The button will highlight, but it won't move on. Something in 10.4.10 has broken my bluetooth :-( I only want to use 10.4.10 because I need it to run iwork and ilife which need 10.4.10 to install. Can anyone provide input please? Thank you :-)
  9. Are these apple sticks of ram that you are using? Can you point out any brand names that also use d9gmh chips? It seems people usually buy that gskill set on newegg.com can anyone check their sticks and share what kind of chips they are? thank you!
  10. The first time i tried apple update on my new system i had the j2se 1.5 update, apple quicktime, and itunes update installed...this was using the JAS reseed DVD with included semthex kernel, and about this mac from 10.4.4. After restarting after installation of updates, my OSX installation hung at the gray apple loading screen. was this related to the apple update? BTW ive also installed the itunes and quicktime update manually...all thats left is teh java update...im nervous...i dont want to install the j2se update if its going to crash my installation again. any input on software updates?
  11. hey i got it solved. The solution was to update quicktime to the newest version. Now most of my avi files seem to be playing fine, but tehre are some exceptions. However, im very satisfied with the playback, and i can use vlc for teh remainder of odd/poorly encoded divx,xvid, ogg, etc files. i updated quicktime through downloading off the apple site. this then makes me wonder why my installation fubar'ed when i updated via apple software update...this calls for a new topic. thank you guys for looking at my problem.
  12. I just setup my installation of OSX with the following rig e6600 C2Duo Asus p5wdh I installed using the JAS reseed 10.4.8 I have the newest semthex thru the _prasys_ script last night. I am using the "10.4.4 about this mac" login window to prevent crashing. I have working audio using taruga's APPLEHDA.kext I installed the perian component which is the mac equivalent of FFDSHOW for windows. I SHOULD be able to play most video files except wmv, but no such luck i just get a white screen with no audio output. I then installed the divx codec, but it doesnt seem to play my xvid encoded avi files either... I'm afraid to use apple update because i fubar'ed my OSX install and had to reinstall everything. Can anyone provide input or if there is a known solution? Also, can someone provide input on what's safe to update from the appleupdate utility? thanx guys
  13. David7586

    AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    The asus P5w DH has the alc882M codec as opposed to yours which has the alc882. i wonder what the difference is between the 2.
  14. David7586

    [Sell] Raptors

    bofors, just out of curiosity how come youa rent using these awesome drives in your osx installation? that is unless your already using a set...
  15. guys does anyone know the compatibility of the bad axe 2's sound chontroller? instead of the 9221 series the bad axe 2 iwill be suing the Intel® High Definition Audio (Sigmatel STAC9274D). I really hope this chipset works because it seems this new revision of the bad axe seems perfect with its enhanced OC'ing abilities