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  1. Dell Latitude E6420

    Hi i have the e6420 and cannot get your dsdt to work i'm using the thinkpad t420 dsdt which detects the nvidia 4200m ive tryed editing your dsdt to work or just stripping out the graphics part but cant seen to get it right ill upload the files in a minute for you to look at
  2. Acer Aspire D150 Netbook Installer / Maker

    My bad happy now?.
  3. Acer Aspire D150 Netbook Installer / Maker

    Just a Update i have used a 10.6.3 retail disk with netinstaller 0.8.5 and it installs fine a 1 errors on boot below: launchctl please convert the following to launchd dashboardadvisoryd.plist (still boots thou so this is fine) Running a little slow just installing the wifi driver (its not working im looking at editing the kext when i get a chance). *Update gave up on the wifi driver so i took the adapter out of the apple tv and it works perfect no configuring needed also every 10 seconds the computer freezes until you move the mouse, to fix the freezing issue install 10.6.6 Combo Update, then boot back into the usb hard drive you used to install then use netbook installer 0.8.5 and prepair the drive. Boot back in it as a come up with the error saying you need to reboot your computer this is fine eventually after the 3rd boot it goes fine and you have a good system. Conclusion: :what is working Keyboard and touch pad works (standard), Bluetooth, laptop display works, after upgrade from 10.6.3 to 10.6.6 everything works fine on the os side of it (if you edit the systemversion.plist and change it to 10.6.7 no update needed), :what isnt working the wifi driver for ar5007, the audio registers as voodoo hda but guess what it doesnt, extrnal display does not work it screws up both displays im gonna try the gma950 from hazards 10.6.1-10.6.2 and will then update.
  4. Acer Aspire D150 Netbook Installer / Maker

    Hiya People im trying to install 10.6 from a retail snow leopard dvd using netbook installer to my netbook acer aspire D150. ill talk you throught what i have tryed so far, i tryed 10.6.1-10.6.2 from hazards dvd with the atom kernel this failed ill have to try again at some point. *Update I have just tryed reinstalling again it failed with kernal panic using their atom kernal because of the voodoo hda enabler. hazards 10.6.6 i think worked but I had to create a kernel from scratch (effort) cant remember ill have to reinstall again and then create a guide if i can do it. *Update tryed reinstalling fails on install then freezes cannot view installer log atm. I installed 10.5.6 xXx which worked kinda kernal panic with voodoo 9.5.0 rc1 no wifi ar5007 atheros, no eth0 this was just to test thou. Right now the real test, I got my Snow Retail Dvd restored it the usb hard drive then used 8.5pre netbook installer which seemed fine. installed but took a while to boot so restarted with kernal flags -v cpus=1 -x and it worked, I finally got to the setup screen so entered in the details and it was ok in safe mode. I rebooted now just using -v cpus=1 and it loads up then when it loads my desktop it crash's not error on screen not panics no nothing just turns off, any thoughts or ideas
  5. Help With install on tablet

    Hiya Guys ive been using hackintosh for 6 years and im stumped i have tryed ideneb 1.3 and have also tryed with xXx 10.5.6 it keeps getting stuck on the same problem the screen shot is coming just uploading the image this ia mutli touch tables pc as you can see from the spec below, i have tryed a few different configurations diabling the acpi powermanagement kext still nothing im using the boot flag cpus=1 -v and even with acpi=off cpus=1 -v when it starts to boot it has say com.apple.driver.appleintelcpupowermanagement nullcpu powermanagement::init: properties=0x4695440 ( i will upload the screen shot in a bit) any thoughts (10.2inch N455 Intel Atom 1.66GHz Windows 7 320GB / 2GB RAM Tablet PC 3G Notebook) laptop spec link Intel® Atom CPU N455 1.66GHz CHIPSET Intel NM10 DISPLAY VIDEO CARD Integrated Intel GMA3150 SCREEN 10.1.’ LVDS LCD (Multi-touch screen) Max Resolution1024*600 HARDISK 2.5'' SATA 320GB MEMORY DDR2 RAM 2GB 667 SOUND CARD CHIPSET Realtek High Definition Audio. PORTS 1*Two in One Audio Port,Microphone port,earphone port. LED GUDING LIGHT Power Guiding light(Green Color) Charge Guiding Light(Green Color/Red Color) POWER SUPPLY ACPI V2.0, supply S0,S3,S4,S5 BATTERY 3000mAh, LION Battery DIMENSION 290×150×18mm WEIGHT Less than 0.9Kg SWITCH Power Switch,Menu Button CARD READER 4 in 1 Card Reader, Support MS/SD/MMC Card etc WIRELESS CARD 802.11 b/g wifi+ bluetooth; support WCDMA 2pcs antenna ETHERNET N/A OTHER PORTS USB PORT 3*USB2.0 PORT VGA PORT VGA Video Output Micro Hdmi
  6. Processor only running 600mhz

    long story short i had 10.4.11 running perfectly on toshiba portege m100 ich4 i think intel m 1,200 but the hard drive failed so lost everything and now ive tryed to reinstall and ive tryed a few kernels and only 8.81 works now but at 600mhz been trying for a while ive tryed 8.9.1 but no luck any ideas would be greatful
  7. i would also like to say i downloaded the update and replaced the kernel to the sementhex one and replaced a few files and it worked perfectly
  8. Help Needed 10.4.11 install

    Hiya people right long story short been using 10.4.11 on a asus m5n laptop and hp zd700 and i just got a toshiba portege m100 i855GM ich4-m pentium m x86 mmx sse sse2 1.2ghz processor 512 ram with ac97 audio, atheros 5001 wireless and 40gb ultra ata hard drive it has basically exactly the same motherboard as the m5n but the processors are different both pentium m's but the asus is speedstep the problem on the m100 i can do the install fine but when it boots after the install it loads in verbose mode see all the drivers loads and it used to stop at error firewire so reinstalled with remove firewire patch now its saying driver debug registered appleusbuhci and it wont get past i can hear the hard drivwe time out would be greatful for ideas thanks in advances
  9. Intel 855GM Driver needed

    Hiya People just wondering if you have the intel 855gm graphics kext or install package as i need it for a laptop and cannot find it anywhere on the net as my display is stuck in 800x600 and yes i tryed the "graphics Mode"="1024x768x32" also does this drive work for the Intel® 82852/82855 Graphics Controller Family if you have it please send it to me my email address is philipguerreiro2008@googlemail.com thanks guys
  10. Ideneb 10.5.5 install problem

    hiya guys i am trying to install on the spec below but it wont boot the dvd it loads up the to the apple logo then it shows the restart your computer wont boot in safe mode just wondering if anyone had any ideas? Custom laptop Processor Mobile AMD Athlon™ 8482; XP-M (LV),Front Side Bus: 266Mhz Chipset VIA KT266,Cache: 512K Level 2,Supports PC-2100 DDR RAM Memory DDR SDRAM - 1GB (2*512MB SODIMMs) Storage Hard Drive - 40GB EIDE hard drive DVD-ROM Display 14.1" XGA TFT LCD: up to 1024 x 768, 32-bit colour Video Integrated S3 ProSavage DDR, Up to 32MB shared memory Audio AC97 Codec Two built-in speakers Microphone-in and headphone-out
  11. Leopard Keeps Crashing help needed

    Hiya guys well that seems to have done the trick for now for me atleast worked perfectly for 5 hours but im gonna work on the kexts as when the screen saver kicks in it doesnt want to wake up from it may also look at the dual output so you can connect another monitor any other problems with this specific hp model ill have a look into it for you
  12. Leopard Keeps Crashing help needed

    right i might have a solution but you need to test it aswell 1. boot in safe mode thats -x in the boot options 2. wait for it to load then go to finder system / library / extentions / then you need to delete NVinject or if you are using a different one then delete the kext 3. go to http://nvinject.free.fr/downloads.php and like my graphics card is nvidia geforce go 7600 i used NVinjectGo.0.2.0_installer.zip and so far so good for me give it a go i just had the usual nvinject install not the nvinjectgo no errors nothing will keep you updated
  13. Leopard Keeps Crashing help needed

    Hiya no im still working on it i changed the graphics driver but now its saying the NVinject is not installed properly im still trying to work it out but my thoery is its defiantly the graphics as when my display goes to sleep it can keep on running as my wireless adapter keeps flashing and my sound works so i can keep adjusting the volume but i cant wake the display up and the vga out put doesnt work either, ooo another thing i tryed was putting it in safe mode it does nothing just runs slower and crash's just as fast im totally stumped may need a third party i may have a look at all the kexts and see what i can find out its probually just one line of code ill keep you guys updated
  14. Leopard Keeps Crashing help needed

    Hiya people ive been using different versions of mac osx86 on my hp dv8333ea spec below they range from jas 10.5.1 to what i have now IDeneb 10.5.5 ive had the same problem on all versions (apart from kalyways 10.5.3 update for someweird reason but i needed to update the software to use a new program) , if i leave the laptop just running for maybe 20 mins the grey screen appears and freezes see below for more details Processor: Intel Core Duo T2300E / 1.66 GHz Ram: 2gb ddr2 667mhz Hard drive: 500gb sata 7200rpm Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600 PCI Express, NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600 Video Memory: 256 MB Wireless: linsys wusb54gc which works perfectly Wireless 2: Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG which only the bluetooth works as the driver is still being developed by The Problem: ill be using the computer just fine but if i leave it for maybe 20mins could be 2 hours the grey screen of death is on it will be fine if im constantly using it but it keeps doing the freezing/ crashing thing with the grey screen i thought maybe its the graphics so ive tryed different graphics drivers the NVinject 0.2.1 works the best it maybe stays on for a hour before freezing and then i thought it was the power plan changed it still not working so ive ran out of ideas if anybody can help i would appreacheate it