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    diskutil RAID issue - accident

    Hello, I was attempting to remove 1 disk from a 4 disc raid to copy the data off it and destroy the raid completely. But instead when i clicked delete, the raid was destroyed. I still have both halves of it. (Two sets of two drives with mirrored data or the striped raid). How can i tell mac os x leopard to take these two "mirror sets" and put them into a striped set? this was a raid 10 i presume something using: diskutil command createRAID mirror|stripe|concat setName format devices ... Create a new RAID set consisting of multiple disks and/or RAID sets. setName is used for both the name of the created RAID volume and the RAID set itself (as displayed in listRAID). e.g. 'diskutil createRAID stripe MyArray JHFS+ disk1 disk2 disk3 disk4'. Ownership of the affected disks is required. diskutil listRAID returns: RAID SETS --------- =============================================================================== Name: Media Files Mirror 1 Unique ID: 03978808-3337-4330-B63A-BE98C1A37E4B Type: Mirror Status: Online Size: 999860895744 B Apple RAID Version: 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Device Node UUID Status ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0 disk4s2 7BE00D5C-9439-46DA-B67A-8B60CA26AF02 Online 1 disk0s2 22444182-6D94-47F3-8E85-F96BDE111685 Online =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Name: Media Files Mirror 2 Unique ID: 21DFF27D-0A7E-4EC5-BDF8-DB0EA2E2199C Type: Mirror Status: Online Size: 999859814400 B Apple RAID Version: 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Device Node UUID Status ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0 disk3s2 011269DC-20B8-467C-8C72-86177923A6B4 Online 1 disk5s2 E56A9A2E-7155-47E9-A884-137779143BB8 Online =============================================================================== edit: I rebooted and disk utility is showing me this. I then clicked on one of the raid groups and made it look like the screenshot, however when i click create it wants to erase all the data, this isn't what i want. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Hello all, I have a GA-EP45-DS3R motherboard, 8GB of ram. I switched to the JMicronATA.kext that i found here and all my issues are gone... But now...I want to activate the onboard raid to raid 5 and when i launch into Mac OS X i am getting that the drives are unreadable and to initialize them...Any ideas? The only kext i installed form here is the JMicronATA.kext so if it is as simple as installing some more let me know! Thanks!
  3. Dr Donkey Kong

    Can't find airport extreme and airport express

    I just fixed this issue, simply install the driver for your specific network card for me it was a RealTek 1000 RT1000 driver from Prystar.... enjoy.