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  1. Sorry to hear that the prefpane crashes in MTL.

    I gave it a quick look yesterday and it runs in debug mode inside xcode, but as soon as I start it from the apple menu: it crashes.

    FWIW I am not the only prefpane to crash in MTL apparently with the exact same context (GC forced disabled in MTL prefpane) ...

    I updated the xcode project and cleaned up some memory leaks in case someone wants to have a look though,

    and I will keep you folks updated about my progress.

  2. It was second app I made in Obj-C for OS X at all. Some parts, especially older are written "not perfect". ... But if you insist, I can send you source code, so you can see for yourself.

    Well, the preference pane was my first objc app :lol:

    I don't ask for anything, but if you are interested into joining the chameleon team, I can add you to the pref pane branch ...

    I would have tasks for you, like this nice smbios page (mine is minimum, yours is better imho)

    Now concerning the programming style, it is true that it can become a problem sometimes to maintain the sources but you can always count on help from others to polish it.


    Think about it : all of us united to produce the best software we can :)

    Yes, I know ; I'm a hippie ...

  3. Hi Janek, this work seems very interesting.

    I like open source though.

    It seems a bit unfair to use open source software that is shared and not sharing the sources of it yourself ...

    I would be glad to reuse part of it instead of having to always write everything from scratch, time is precious.


    What do you folks think ?

  4. OK Version 2.1 455 Launched, added a more unit tests and made the flag edition api much more robust, I'd like to get some feedback now as it seems quite robust.


    To test the boot config without changing the real one create a copy and select the copy in the boot setup / boot config path menu,

    then open a Finder window in /Extra(or wherever your boot file is) and select the detail view with preview, now you can check in real time the mods happening ...

    Try hard edits on a copy, I just did that and couldn't break my flags in the boot config file.

  5. holle !may i ask you a question?It looks like your team is planning to add detection to more graphics cards (5xxM) in Chameleon:http://forge.voodoop...eon/issues/202/ dose that means "optimus on mac" can be solve soon?

    Sorry that I can't answer you for now, I used to be very active on the booter too, but as for now, I'm just having a lot of fun with the prefpane.

    I'll come back to the booter later, because as you may know ; all I develop is always free + open source, so my main benefit has always been clearly the knowledge that I can get by doing instead of only learning...

    Presently, I love to get hands on objective c and cocoa , this is why I added quite a few features on the prefpane ... and it's only the beginning :)

  6. Hmm, when I dubbelclick on it and after installed, I can't start the prefpane ? what can I do to get it to work? i followed the instruction, it stated that I should dubbel click on it.

    Make sure you use the latest version because there was a problem with latest binaries (not up-to-date),

    I added a lot of Unit Testing modules that are located in the project named test_util, that might help you to figure out what's wrong too.

  7. What you ran was the old version, This is because there was a pb generating the build (needs a release build and I only built a debug one sorry)

    Please test that rebuilt release version on my first page now and tell me if works better or different.

    If it fails, only PM the trace if it contains another more informative/different kind of error, eventually try to build the pref pane from the sources if you are capable of doing so ; otherwise I'm sorry that it bugs for you and I'll probably stop here.

  8. Didn't find anything wrong here, but I think it might work better now, (hopefully at least not crash for you?)

    Please try the new r372 on my first post link

    Good luck!


    Here's another one. It's not a very long list as the previous one, so I just post it here.

      #:					   TYPE NAME					SIZE	   IDENTIFIER
      0:	  GUID_partition_scheme						*500.1 GB   disk0
      1:						EFI						 209.7 MB   disk0s1
      2:				  Apple_HFS Kucing2an			   491.8 GB   disk0s2
      3:				  Apple_HFS Installer			   7.9 GB	 disk0s3

  9. That's very interesting thank you!

    It looks like from the stack trace that it crashes when it first tries to populate the main table view with the disk partition list, I would be curious about the following

    please dump the result of the following command on your system:

    diskutil list

    and pm it to me if it's a long listing.

    If that's not enough to get some ideas of what's wrong , I'll submit a small test application that should help us to understand what happened ...

  10. ../..

    @ Rekursor, how can i add more files to the Rescue Boot CD iso? Is it possible somehow during the creation of the CD, or afterwards?


    Not at the moment, but if you want to hack it here's what to do:

    You can remove the last rm command in the sh embedded script named cdBootCreate.sh in the Resources folder of the package:

    edit that file go to the end and add a # at the beginning of that last line starting by rm -rf

    then run the script from the preferences pane by using the interface

    and then go back to /tmp/newiso/Extra

    you should find a Preboot folder that will contain your kexts and other vital files.

    you could add files (like tools) from this folder and the run again the command from the preference pane,

    at that time the second generated iso (and all subsequent ones) should contain your files ...


  11. Tumbs up for this nice & useful app/idea,


    Just one suggestion:

    You could start the app and already fetch the smbios to display by using the cocoa awakeFromNib method :)

    Inside it you could call your fetch callback method.

    awakeFromNib gives you the guaranty by design that all your GUI objects are already constructed and initialized before it gets called...


    Hope that helps.


  12. Tested under Lion 10.7.2...works flawless with latest Chimera but after installation all files and folders in /Extra are hidden :)

    mmm this is very strange as the only thing I edit is the org.chameleon.Boot.plist file ...

    Were you able to reproduce it ?


    Thank you for your feedback ;-)



    same for me, impossible to load chameleon preference window (chameleon 2.1 R1700 / Lion 10.7.2)

    What mode did you choose for install (local to user or global all users install) ?

    Normally when you double-click the panel it should ask you how you want it.

    I always debug as with user install, but checks occasionally all-users install.


    I also noted that sometimes one has to completely remove the panel (right click on it then delete)

    before installing a new version

    Then always favour exiting and reopen the preferences pane (though many times it will work without that operation).





  13. Hi folks, it's been a while I didn't update my chameleon preference pane open source developments,


    as many people seem to have difficulty with the open sources to figure out how that works I decided to help again by adding new features like:


    - new rescue boot disk creation in the Boot Setup panel (old scripts from Lizard were there for a while but not integrated, now it is and it even easier than it was in lizard ...)

    - new direct edit features for Partition renaming + Partition hiding (visual partition editing in the table view)

    - New boot information dynamic tooltips on each chameleon boot partition

    - new AppleSMBIOS Extraction and Parsing feature

    - completely new partition extractor engine not relying anymore on diskutil redeveloped in objective c from scratch, now partition uuids (as read in OSX) are available. that latest feature is only displayed for info as for today. This is because the chameleon booter uuid format is not compatible for windows partitions with the format (4-2-2-2-6) displayed in OSX, we'll sort that out hopefully later with our other chameleon team devs.

    - Dropped support of Leopard, now focusing only on SL and Lion.


    Binary package available for V2.2.0 r465 :

    - Added partition hiding + boot information tooltip new features








    Sources are also availables as usual here:



    Dunno yet on Lion as I don't have it installed yet but should be ok too.

    *EDIT* Works fine on my newly installed Lion 10.7.2 partition :)

    Note that it is assumed that you used a rather recent chameleon 2 rc5 bootloader, older chameleon bootloader support is not guaranted nor tested.


    Please let me know if you like that new features :)

  14. Memory detection code is not mine. It's Rekursor's © code. :)

    The spd mem detection code is totally mine and original code indeed (created on a crazy night&day week end development effort) :(

    BUT The pci chipset detection that then permits to get supposedly accurate mem speed (included overclocked) is originally code from bs0d that in turn was based on gpl'd code ...

    Both are used, and should give good results when the pci chipset detection can match one the the known ones.

    Now what can happen is that oc speed could not be detected correctly because this pci detection addon does not handle it, then we rely on what we can: spd if available, SMBIOS if nothing else is usable.

    Another thing that could happen is that the rounding as well as the freq multiplicators to get this oc mem speed is not mature enough for few particular cases.

    Finally, I also observed that in rare cases a bad oc mem detection could be due indirectly to a bad cpu speed detection.

    As mem speed also depends on cpu speed, it can be an issue in few (rare) cases.



  15. The 'correct' cpu is the one that you installed in your configuration :)

    Now if you want your system to show as a xeon processor as in a macpro, you can still do that by overriding the SMcputype value in smbios to 1281.

    But if you do that, you might loose some automatically handled features like speedstep related operations ...

    Personally, I like to setup an iMac11,1 with core ix's because the cpu match is vanilla.


    One question, why does the i7 (1366) range show as an i7 rather than the correct "Quad-Core Intel Xeon" in a MacPro 4,1?

  16. Hey macman,


    I don't understand. In your previous post you mentioned it was recognized as a core 2 duo.

    So why 'still' showing as core i5 ?

    Also, did you try to override the smbios.plist SMcputype and changing it to 2503 ?

    Just curious, if you can get the correct cpu, we can get it as well, otherwise it can be something else :)


    No good, still seen as Core i5.


    Even tried using the iMac Mid-2010 update with newer kernel.


    What else can I get you or try?

  17. FakeSMC from netkas hacks the SMC API in OS X, in other words, each time mac os x needs to read/write any SMC data, it is redirectioned to this kext. AFAIK, we can't do that from the boot, sorry :)



    Like almost all Mac clones require Decripter like FakeSMC of netkas,

    Now, without this emulator, our computer will not start, it would be possible to add this basic functionality?

    Maybe with basic standard key?

    Maybe with extra support for an eventual "dummy" FakeSMC customizable in Extra or S/L/E (no bin inside)?


    {"SMsystemversion", "1.58f16" }, // <-- the REV key


    now... I now most of this part are pure cosmetics I know... but I think is a point of start...

    And sorry for this long OFFTOPIC




    That would make sense for me for default core 2 duo's configs, to set the default config to iMac10,1

    I would like the opinion of the team (and others) on that, mozodojo ?

    After all, it's all about defaults that can still be overriden as before if some people don't like it...



    Possible to add this? I use, like other, iMac10,1 and not MacPro3,1. Thanks


    // defaults for an iMac10,1
    static const SMStrEntryPair const sm_macpro_defaults[]={
    {"SMbiosvendor",		"Apple Computer, Inc."			},
    {"SMbiosversion",		"IM101.00CC.B00"	},
    {"SMbiosdate",			"04/01/2008"					},
    {"SMmanufacter",		"Apple Computer, Inc."			},
    {"SMproductname",		"iMac10,1"						},
    {"SMsystemversion",		"1.0"							},
    {"SMserial",			"SOMESRLNMBR"					},
    {"SMfamily",			"iMac"						},
    {"SMboardmanufacter",	"Apple Computer, Inc."			},
    {"SMboardproduct",		"Mac-F4208DC8"					},
    { "",""	}