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  1. Installing OSX after windows

    My Sata Drive wasnt recognized?... I have an abit NF8-V mobo and a 160GB WD HDD. Pls help, also my ps/2 keyboard doesnt work, im using a usb mouse.
  2. No Boot from iPod

    no. you have to format it to hfs+ first.
  3. OS X Very slow

    I have deadmoo's release installed on my laptop, 3.6 Ghz Prescott P4, SSE3 and 364 MB RAM. It is very slow to boot (20 min) in verbos mode it says its pinging something but it cant ping so it keeps retrying till it times out. When it gets to the login screen i can barely type because its slow. Its worse than PearPC.
  4. how to boot in "safe mode"?

    how do i boot in "safe mode"? i know you use -x but where do i type that. Thanks in advance.
  5. Chain booting error?

    mee too.
  6. Chain0 question

    doesnt work for me, it just goes back to the boot menu
  7. Chain0 question

    doesnt work for me, it just goes back to the boot menu
  8. Error Transfering Tiger-x86-flat.img

    ya, i put it on the max for files.
  9. Error Transfering Tiger-x86-flat.img

    it is fat32 on both. And it does not even start copying it first tells me "The disk in the destination drive is full" then i press retry then it says "Delete one or more files then try again". Thx in advance!
  10. hi, I get an error that there is not enough free disk space when I want to transfer tiger-x86-flat.img to my usb HDD, but i have 97 GB free on my usb drive. I also tried it on my 60 gig ipod, i had 55 GB free and it also gave me the same error. Thanks in advance!
  11. Old Mac Os For Intel

    Thanks, but the ftp doesnt work.
  12. Old Mac Os For Intel

    Thanks, but i cant find it, can anyone pm me a link please? Thanks in advance!
  13. Old Mac Os For Intel

    Hey, There was a Mac Os made for intel before OS X came out, it was like a transition os between OS9 and OS X. Does anyone have a copy of it or knows what its called?