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  1. Is there a solution for this problem? Having the same trouble...
  2. ok, with largo´s driver pack i got my mobility radeon 9700 properly recognized and working, video playback and all...qe/ci supported. the low performance manifesting as slow graphics and stuttering sound appears to be caused by speedstep clocking down the cpu...no probs running at 100% (1,5ghz) but stuttering at any other clock, graphics like window minimizing constantly getting slower with every step down the clock list. that is quite annoying because at 100% my fan is running all the time. woking like writing is possible but where´s the fun? that´s why I´m highly interested in getting undervolting running. Without EFI the IntelEnhancedSpeedstp.kext isn´t working, and Coolbook doesn´t show me anything at this time...I need some help with htis SMBIOS thing please! PS.: sorry for OT!
  3. SpeedStep for Tiger without EFI

    Hi everybody, I´m also very interested in this kext, because I wanna do some undervolting. Unfortunately I´m also running Tiger on a non EFI system, because my Acer TM292Lmi won´t run Leopard ootb....but I´m no coder, so keep up the good work I appreciate it!
  4. I got an acer travelmate 292 lmi and I´m trying to get 10.4.11 working...qe/ci seem active, but performance is quite slow, also white screen instead of video playback. I will try this solution... @berteso: how did you get coolbook working?? tried this yesterday, but without success. It won´t show me cpu clock or temp...if I add my modelID, system hangs...
  5. Mac OS X auf Laptop

    yo hab ich gemacht, danke für den tip! hab zuerst jas 10.4.8 getestet, ging ganz gut bis auf probleme mit mauszeigerspuren...leider nur ci, kein qe... hab dann xXx 10.4.11 installiert, mit callisto, nun geht qe/ci, leider kein videoplayback und extrem lahme performance, wenn speedstep die cpu auf 600mhz regelt. fenster minimieren ist dann sehr zäh, bei 1500mhz ists ok, aber dann läuft der lüfter nonstop...sind 600mhz zuwenig für quartz extreme oder ist das ein grafikkartenproblem??
  6. Mac OS X auf Laptop

    @master-pady genau dieses problem habe ich auch wenn ich kalyway 10.5.2 auf meinem acer tm 292 (pentium m 1,5ghz banias, ati mobility radeon 9700) installieren will. er hängt sich an der stelle auf...auf meinem alten p4 desktop ging die installation ohne probleme. wäre auch sehr dankbar für nen tip!