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    Problem with Sleep Aspire 7741g/EasyNote LM86

    Sorry, the System has a H55 Chipset, ALC272, Atheros AR928X, BCM57780, Intel Core i5 520m and a Mobillity Radeon 5650 HD. ALC272 and the Radeon are injected via DSDT, PS2 is patched with has FN-Keys, Device (PNLF) is added, as well as the common HPET,LPC,USB-Fixes. SMbus is patched as well as the integrated PCI-Devices
  2. Hello, so far my "Hackbook" is working great, but one thing left bugging ist sleep. Every .kext Like LPC, SMBus or CpuPower is loaded and the Machine goes to sleep. But when i try to wake up it makes this DVD-Drive noise like in Windows/Linux when it wakes up, but the screen remains black. The only modded kexts are ATIController5000 for connectors, AppleHDA, AppleAcpiPlatform 1.3.5, VoodooPS2, VoodooBattery. I'm using MacbookPro6.1 as SMBios definition. I attach the modified and Vanilla DSDT .dsl Can removing "\_SB.PCI0.LPCB.EC0.ECWK (Arg0)" from Method (_WAK) do the trick? I hope someone can figure this out. Thanks in advance DSDT.zip
  3. Bumpy Knuckles

    Laptop thinks vga is always connected

    Thank you very much, that's excatly the Tutorial i was looking for, When work's over i will test this. When i'm struggeling at some point, may i ask for some additional advice? Edit: i have the same machine like the guy in this thread http://www.insanelym...th-personality/ or this http://www.osx86.net/video-graphics/14988-help-ati-mobility-radeon-hd-5650-acer-aspire-7741g-lion-10-7-2-a.html
  4. Bumpy Knuckles

    Laptop thinks vga is always connected

    OffTopic: I have a question, i see that you've got running a 5650m with 1600x900, How do you managed to get a picture on the internal LVDS? All i got with this configuration was as scrumbled or blackscreen. Would you be so kind to provide a little tutorial?
  5. neomatrix. so what are the advantages of the aty_init, you have full res on internal without acceleration?
  6. So, no news at this Topic? damn, i just got this Laptop and i'm running into the same problems as you, Anyone who has an idea?
  7. Bumpy Knuckles

    Acer Aspire 3680 Hackintosh

    Take an external monitor and usb mouse and keyboard, boot your retail snow leopard dvd with i _ boot and install the whole thing. afterwards, install ######## with the userdsdt from here: http://olarila.com/f...ebc1f44b7#p2947 Update your System to 10.6.8 and install iopcifamily and ioapic from 10.6.7, you need to edit your kext, for lan, wlan and sound, (alc883) for lan and wlan you simply edit the info.plist of the specific kext
  8. Bumpy Knuckles

    Need help woth NVIDIA ION2

    For accelerationcheck use VDADecoderChecker. BTW, are you experiencing stuttering in desktop animations? I've the same card working under 10.7.3 but maximizing a window stutters extemly. So what smbios.plist are you using and what else do you have done to enable this card?
  9. Bumpy Knuckles

    10.7.3 with GT210 512 - No QE/CI

    Thanks, my goal isn't To play Arkham Asylum, but i think i can have at least a desktop witch is fluid like with my GMA950^^ So your advice is to try different smbios' Could you post the well working one? I'm using a iMac 12.2 definition at the moment
  10. Bumpy Knuckles


    I think i've the same problem with QE/CI, full resolution and extremly slow desktop behavior. How did you solve it?
  11. Bumpy Knuckles

    10.7.3 with GT210 512 - No QE/CI

    I have excact the same symptoms, I've a ion2 which has the same gt218 chip like yours. I've got it to work with Video-GPU acceleration via EFI-String, but the Desktop animations and other stuff stuffs lags a lot. It is a little bit weired that 1080p movies are running beautiful with xbmc although i have a Atom D525 My Dev ID is 0A64, bootloader Chameleon SVNR1814. it seems that the card isn't fully injected,
  12. Bumpy Knuckles

    Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    could it be possible that there's something wrong with the ION2 10de:0a64? Because with GraphicsEnabler i don't get VideoGpu Acceleration and the whole Desktop behaves really slow. So i'm just asking if i should look at the bootloader or at the kext. The Bootloaders gui is really shoppy and it shows only 3mb of videoram. Every display image takes 1-2 sec to draw. My GT210 with the same Chipset runs really good in my other Mashine. Zotac Zbox ID41, everything working
  13. Bumpy Knuckles

    MSI MS-7358 DSDT Help

    As the title says i get KP's "cpu(s) failing to interrupt…" when i have some USB-Devices plugged in. When the System is booted up and i plug them in everything works as it should. I applied many fixes to the DSDT, but i think there're still some Problems. The MS-7358 ist basically an OEM MSI Q35mdo. DSDT.aml.zip
  14. Bumpy Knuckles

    DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Ok, i think my own build MS-7358 DSDT is messed up, with some USB-Devices plugged in it KP on start. also after wake i have no lan although system profiler shows that i'm connected and have correct ip etc. DSDT: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...st&id=90052 sed:me with messed up DSDT: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...st&id=90013 MB-Details:
  15. Bumpy Knuckles

    DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Strange, but thanks for your efforts. I*ve done many clean installs, so it must be a problem in DSDT.