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  1. Just download the remix, the kext, dsdt are all there in a manual folder.
  2. Went to the computer store and bought a LinkSYS WET610N which is a Wireless Bridge, so this setup has the built-in ethernet port working, simply plugged the WET610N and now I got internet working. Will still try to find out how to get the DWA-2320 working. Thanks ThePiecesFit Not to new users: if you want to install faster, simply copy the Snow Leopard 10.6 DVD to a partition on your HDD and use that to install.
  3. DLINK wda-2320 wifi

    im currently re-installing fresh 10.6.0 See the attached image, this is what SL 10.6.0 shows in during the install... Anyway to get this working on 10.6.4 ? Can someone explain how to make my card work in 10.6.4? What files need to be changed or drivers installed? Please help a newbie will you?
  4. Im currently re-installing for the 4th time, this time with 3 partitions. SL, dvd image of SL 10.6.0 and a backup partition. No more windows... Ill do a vm in osx for windows. Im going to stick to 10.6.0 (unless tepiecesfit says otherwise) because i cant get my wifi to work, plus, no one is responding to my posts in the wifi section.
  5. piecefit, is there a reason to go to 10.6.4? cause I simply cannot get my wifi to work in 10.6.4... Im very new to this and not sure how mac drivers work and what happens when you install a driver and what it does. thanks for any info
  6. Anyone got this working on a 10.6 install? If so, what did you do? Thanks for sharing.
  7. Anyone got this working in 10.6? If so, what did you do?
  8. Belkin N Wireless USB Adaptor F5D8053

    madman, Im trying to get my 8053 working in 10.6.4 and did exactly what you had done, and can make it work. in about this mac i see USB - 802.11 n WLAN, 8053 is device id and 050d (belkin) is vendor manufacturer ralink... Any ideas?
  9. download a boot CD and see if you can boot from it and go to disk utility. im pretty new to this myself so...
  10. if you have USB mouse and keyboard, then try it out, but make sure the bios is changed so that USB Keyboard and USB mouse is enabled.
  11. DLINK wda-2320 wifi

    can someone please help? I can see the airport under system preference in Network, but it's turned off and i cannot seem to turn it on... Can someone please provide an answer ?
  12. DLINK wda-2320 wifi

    i found out that in 10.6.0 when my wifi card was working, it said that the drivers used was atheros AR5001x. How can I get this and put it back? I googled for this driver and could not find anything relevant...
  13. DLINK wda-2320 wifi

    when the card was working in 10.6.0 prior to upgrading to 10.6.4, the About this Mac was showing the bellow for the airport card: Airport Extreme (1x168C,0x3A1B) Firmware Atheros 5212: But windows says the dev id is 0013 Although it was stating it was a 802.11 G but it's in fact 802.11N Also, im attaching both the mac window and windows that show device id's. I just dont know how or what to modify to get this card running again. SO how can I make this card work again? Im very new to Mac but I can get around if well explained. Thanks
  14. Atheros AR5005(G)

    can someone explain how I can make my DWA-2320 wifi DLINK PCI? Im on 10.6.4
  15. DLINK wda-2320 wifi

    im need to know how to enable this card. I have a image of the vend and dev iD's from windows and I can see the airport card in the about this mac, I dont understand why it's not getting an IP. How can I diagnose this issue?