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  1. napasha

    installing 10.4.4\5 on IDE

    ok thanx i'll check with my bios it seems that this will be the easyest way thanx for youre help
  2. napasha

    installing 10.4.4\5 on IDE

    hey tungtung thanx for the answer does any of this software needs flopy disc? becouse i dont have any
  3. hey guys on my system i have 2 sata drives so i could'nt install OSX befor, but now i got myself an IDE drive that i'm gonna try to install on it. the thing is that i already have two xp partitions on one of my sata drives (one for general stuff and one for audio editing). after i will install osx, how will i choos which one to boot? my computer is: AMD 3200 (venice core) gigabyte GA-K8NS Ultra 939 (nforce 3) WD 160 SATA WD 80 SATA please help! thanx
  4. napasha

    installing with VMware

    hey to u all right noe i'm installing osx 10.4.4\5 with VMware but i dont know what to do after the install is complited if anyone culd help or direct me to a guide thanx
  5. napasha

    Can i install OSx86 in my PC ?

    hey seano can u chek my configoration also? i posted them hear: http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=13058 thanx
  6. napasha

    can i boot osx x86 10.4.4

    thanx for youre answer (and the tip) ;-) i tried allready with VMware but i think its too complicated for me thanx anyway
  7. napasha

    can i boot osx x86 10.4.4

    no one? on my first try the installer didnt see my sata drives my question is if there is an iso dvd that is out witch can recognize sata drives or i still have to patch some files or install with VMware?
  8. napasha

    can i boot osx x86 10.4.4

    another thing my chipset is nforce 3 sorry about so many parts for on quetion
  9. napasha

    can i boot osx x86 10.4.4

    forgot to add NVIDIA GeForce FX5200 graphic card thanx
  10. Hey to u all i'm new here my question is: from u're expirience,with the hardware i have, can i install osx x86 10.4.4? i mean clean install couse i dont have alot of knolege with kext and stuff. this is what i have cpu: amd 3200+ (vanice core) mobo: gigabyte GA-K8NS Ultra-939 drives: 80g westerndigital sata 160g westerndigital sata 1g ram on my 80g drive i have: 1 partition for XP, another that i saved for osx (35g) and another xp partition witch i use for audio editing. thanx and sorry for my english