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  1. This works so much better than my cobbled together install! I tried upgrading to 10.6.2 and everything works fine except sleep. Can I fix this or should I just stick with a previous version if I want sleep functionality? Any input would be appreciated.
  2. I have a BCM94321 that I rebranded using this technique. It shows up as airport extreme, but I can only squeeze wireless B speeds out of it (10Mb/s). I tried the 0x0087 and 0x008B values and they both show up in network utility as apple airport 130Mb/s ABGN connection, but they just can't even get G level speeds. Windows gets connected fine 216Mb/s running smoothly. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Switched the antennas. Fixed!
  3. kazumotokun

    Can't get BCM94321MC to work

    Hi! I just bought a BCM94321 off ebay. OOB it showed up as third party wireless and I got on wireless b speed out of it. btw it's a mini PCIe card with a dev id of 4328. so i tried the broadcom enabler sript and managed to get g speed out of it. then I tried rebranding the card in linux. it now shows up as AirPort Extreme (0x14E4, 0x87). network utility reports it as an ABGN card with 130Mb/s connection, BUT in practice it's back down to roughly 8Mb/s. Argh! I should be getting N class speeds! ideas anyone?
  4. I have a mostly vanilla install (with the exception of a bootloader and an audio kext) of 10.6.2 on a Gigabyte EP43-DS3L. My computer sleeps fine by itself, but when i have my logitech wireless mouse plugged in, it always results in the computer waking from sleep after a short while. I tested this with another logitech wireless mouse and got the same result. No mouse = sleeps fine overnight. Mouse = wakes up after 10-15 minutes. Is it maybe some usb setting in my BIOS? Any help would be appreciated!
  5. kazumotokun

    SATA Optical Drive Read/Write Speeds Slow

    Solved! Had to set the SATA port to native mode.
  6. I have installed snow leopard 10.6.2 (by following the guide on lifehacker) on a Gigabyte EP43-DS3l motherboard and everything is running great... except for the DVD drive, a Pioneer DVR-216D. SATA is set to AHCI, and while the hard drives are clearly operating at full speed, the DVD drive won't push past a 1x read/write speed. I have switched the SATA ports around, and even swapped in a Sony Optiarc but the results do not change. I tried the newest ICH10 kext from this forum but it had no effect. 10.5.8 didn't have this issue for me. Could someone please offer me some advice? It would be much appreciated!