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  1. icemanzh

    10.5.7 Released

    Hi people, For those who stil wonder... Download- less then 2 min Install- another 4 min Reboot- just as new
  2. icemanzh

    Come on guys...What is left to read about...?

    QE solved. After a couple of hours getting bored just reinstall NV*50* and NV*Resman and no mess with them, install NVdarwin 1.2.5 ONLY with my device ID and it went As for the System Profiler, still need help... if someone can, thanks in advance Icemanzh
  3. I can't realy answer to that because i never had that problem myself but yesterday, while i was reading the "HOW TO's" part, i remember seeing a post about that. Try to find it out, read wont hurt... but if i find it myself i'll post the link EDIT : Here it is http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=86593 ( But just for the record, i also have an p5k with IDeneb 10.5.5 / iPC 10.5.6, both with PC EFI V9, NO DSDT, and no bios mod)
  4. icemanzh

    Come on guys...What is left to read about...?

    Come on, people, i forgot to say "please" but at least i said "thanks".... I realy need some help here and for sure somebody can help. I don't mind testing and even reinstall, i'm here to learn so, just point some directions, please... :censored2: Thanks again.
  5. Try to remove DSDT file from your root and boot up again to see what happens. Most os pc's do not need DSDT patch, in my case the pc does not boot with it. About PC EFI v9, you can see if it is installed when it boot's, just read the first line at Darwin boot. Good luck, Icemanzh
  6. Hi all First of all, i'm portuguese, so don't laugh so much about my text.... This far i could help myself out, since Kaly's 10.5.2, passing by iDeneb 10.5.5 ( my favorite, thanks! ) and now with Vanilla Retail 10.5.6 ( thanks to Munky's tuto, well done Munky !) . It has been fun reading across this GREAT FORUM and thanks to all been able to solve mostly all. Now i just got stuck... So far in my reading sessons, i see that 10.5.6 as brought a lot of things to make the days happy but, also for you guys, that spend hours codding nad writing drivers, a lot to think about... The point is, i need some help on my journey On 10.5.6 i'm not able to get correct Hardware description, no matter wich SMBios i use or where i place it... and my damn GeForce 8600M GS can't get QE enabled, no matter EFI strings or injector's used... Now, where on hell am i going wrong??? Can somebody bring some light in the Darkness ? Any help would save me from buying a pair of glasses... reading ones Thanks InsanelyMac !
  7. Thanks Cyclonefr, Check and confirmed on retail 10.5.6 !!!
  8. For those trying this method "SilveRain" and if Trackpad.prefPane does not load, try to copy it from /S/L/PreferencePanes into /L/PreferencePanes. Repair permissions,reboot. if there is stil no Vertical scroll, go to /S/L/E/ApplePS2Controller.kext/Contents/Plugins/ApplePS2Trackpad.kext/Contents/Info.plist and delete the word "Apple" here: under ALPS GlidePoint <string>ApllePS2ALPSGlidePoint<string> so it stays <string>PS2ALPSGlidePoint<string> under Synaptics TouchPad <string>ApllePS2SynapticsTouchPad<string> so it stays <string>PS2SynapticsTouchPad<string> Repair permissions and probably you wil not boot so, just in case, BOOT INTO SAFE MODE and REPAIR PERMISSIOS AGAIN so you will boot and hopefully get what you want. Tested and working with both, retail and modified distros.
  9. Thanks again. But i was here thinking that i can also easely edit, backup or erase EFI partition... Yes aparently is preference, because the EFI does not show up never... Anyway, thanks for your guide, i've tryed both, your's and Munky's. and both work well. Thanks
  10. Sorry i ask but, why make one "Macloader" partition and not use the one already created by Leopard itself (the EFI one) ? What is the diference? Are there some advantages in you method? Thanks
  11. Hi, i also got it to work( sorry to tell you so) in a prety near machine, dv9780ez. I change nothing im my Bios not even for the other releases and just used BOOT-KABYL-BUMBY.ISO + 10.5.4 and/ or 10.5.6, both retail. I had to solve some things after ( like trackpad, sound, etc) but all goes ok. try it...and good luck. EDIT: I never used DSDT, it is useless for me and keeps me from seeing battery meter...
  12. Thanks guys, i did it ! The install took quite a while but it went ok. I've used BOOT-KABYL-BUMBY.ISO and just went till the end.(thanks folks!!!) There are only still small things on my way and some directions would sure be nice... no sleep, no QE, and the same s**t error about CPU and Memory in System Profiler as some people is having. Thanks for your hard work, keep on going...!
  13. icemanzh

    10.5.6 update works for iDeneb?

    Thanks for your answer. In fact i read a couple of guides until now,in and out this forum... Even being a noob, i just have to trust my lappy and the fact is, i'm writing from it with full Vanilla Retail 10.5.6 on it. Once again, no Bios mod, just some extra kext's. Just going to edit my sig... Thanks again
  14. icemanzh

    Dlink dwa110

    Mas resolveste o problema ou nao ? É engraçado pois ha muita gente a funcionar com o chipset da Ralink, eu proprio tenho um D-Link DWl-G122 e um Zyxel NWD210N a funkar com os drives de http://www.ralinktech.com/ralink/Home/Support/Macintosh.html Cumprimentos P.S. Nao esqueças que deves instalar o drive com D-Link inserido na porta USB.
  15. icemanzh

    10.5.6 update works for iDeneb?

    Thanks for your answer. At the moment i'm quit happy with my dv9780ez, so far (thanks to Insanelymac "family") i was able to boot, install and run Leopard from, Kalyway, iAtkos, Jas, XxX, iPC and iDeneb. All under Vanilla kernel till the latest version and without any bios mod at all.... of course with some extra patch... my next step is to buy a retail dvd and fly to my highest adventure ,when i can find a fool proof guide to do it... you know, i'm just a noob with a good laptop and some luck... cheers