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  1. Hi Verdant : Thank you very much .but that dosen't work . System hang with "display:..match fails". I am just trying to delet the kext from terminal. but after that how can I do to drive that 9500GT?
  2. Hi Verdant: Thank you very much ! I am just trying it now. will update my result later.
  3. Dear verdant and nz_mitch: Now I can boot with -x option. I got nv9000series driver and NVdarwin 1.2.3. I installed nv9000series driver and reboot with-x .then installed NvDarwin. now I can reboot with no -x .but still without QE and CI .When I adjust from800x600 to other ,my screen become just blue. by the way ,I found a 9f23 installer package from internet, which says install the package and run EFI Studio to add device can make 9500GT works.but there is no option of 9500GT in the list ,is that means I need a newer version EFI studio sofware? Ok ,the second question is not the priority one. And another question. When I install iDeneb 10.5.5 , I have to choose VIA fix .or I will encounter"still waiting for root device" ,no matter if I have choosed nforceATA fix. Any suggestion? Really thanks .
  4. Dear Buddies : I just encountered a strange problem. When I install iDeneb 10.5.5 . I must choose VIA SB fix. Or I will have "Still wiaiting for root device" after installation, enven I choosed nforceATA fix. While my mo is Biostar GF7100-M7 which is based on nForce 630i chipset plus a IDE DVD and a IDE Hard disk.I think I should choose the nForce fix. but why I have to choose VIA fix to boot? And now , I can boot but with some information like"Waiting boot...uuid" "Got boot device..." and "Error Sandbox"--This one I can not remember exactly. Can anybody give some suggestion? Could I fix the problems after installation? Thanks in advance .
  5. The NVIDIA 9500GT Thread

    Is QE and CI all work?
  6. Hi Verdent: Thank you very much. I have been spent over one week for the installation and I read here something really helpful . I am downloading Kalyway edition and will give it a try . before that I will try the iDeneb 10.5.5 again.Thanks again and I will update my progess by tomorrow. Hi nz_mich: Thanks a lot for your reply . I have been struggling on the installation for about 1 week. Acturally I am using :E5200 cpu ,Biostar GF7100P-M7 Mobo(nforce630i), DDR2800 1Gx2 and PATA DVDROM, IDE 160G(Seagate) and a nv 9500GT 256M. I have no obvious problem during installation, but the same problem as you were when reboot after installation. I have modified my BIOS per "Leopard on Series 7 NVIDIA nForce ". and tried remove my DVD driver after installation but still the same problem. now I am downloading Kalyway edition and will give it a try., but before that I will try your way with iDeneb because it is 10.5.5 , I am a little aftraid of upgrade By the way ,do you have the download address of NVdarwin v1.2.3? I can not find that link. Thanks again.
  7. Hi Verdent: Pleasure to see you online. Could you please give me some suggestion in advance? Really thanks.
  8. Hi nz_mitch: I have read all posts here and your success story. I have exactly the same screen as you .Could you please help: 1.the detailed option in customermize part. I mean,which one in nForce chipset fix and, you did not select AppleSMBIOS? 2.I remember that , only when you remove all nv related kexts, you can boot. But you never mentioned it later ,how you solve the problem now? Sorry I use your picture to show my problem. Really thanks