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  1. GMA X4500

    Hi all- this thing is sooo close to working for me. Actually, sometimes it loads up fine- native 1366x768. Other times it hangs at the login screen- looks like screendoor/ plaid. It seems to hang more when computer is not physically warmed-up - cold boot. It'll take 2-3 boots to 'grab'. Will come up 5-times staight when warm. weird. Satellite l505-s6959 iAtkos V7 10.5.7 just running 2A42Apple...3100FB.kext no natit or cursor kext. No QE 4500MHD uggghhh. :censored2: ideas welcome
  2. Thanks to all- seriously--way better than any distro. steep learning curve, but better results. I'm having trouble with How to patch DSDT with LAN and HDEF functions.pdf , specifically last part- modding "Make it simple by copy and paste" section for legacyHDA. Maybe i'm an eget, but i don't follow what I'm supposed to copy nor where supposed to paste. trying to get audio for GA-EP45-UD3L working. Patched DSDT and graphics card works perfectly 9500GT on 10.5 updated to 10.5.7 retail using ThinkBoot. When I pull up about this mac, audio- it shows all my connections correctly. am using 4outs2ins regular headphone for 888 in stock format. i get no ins/outs in sound/ sys prefs. I'm so slose I can smell it, but close makes no muzak come out of my speakers! kext utility is geared for chameleon and won't find my EFI extenions folder in bootthink. not having luck modifying hdakext (or whatever instructions say to do!) nor do i feel mkext is correct. Please spoonfeed me! GA-EP45-UD3L -- do i copy parts of legacyHDA to 10.5.7 HDAkext or vica-versa? Too many attempts to count. head spinning. thanks in advance.
  3. Hey! I thought i was the only old guy hotrodding acer 5620! My first upgrade was Vic-20 chip (no, not in Acer!). I miss Turbo button. I used to sell Kaypro luggables! Anyway- I have cheap 5620-6266 bot new (not demo) from Offc Depot missing Power cord for $250. I'm using View sonic power cord I had. I also swapped out CPU for T9300 Eng Sampl(ebay $219), too. Woohoo. I just decided to pop in a 500 Meg Blue Scorpio ($99 newegg) sata3. Wow. This cheapo laptop is fun! It's been dual booting XP/OSX 10.5.5 beautifully. Wonderful as a little DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) as it has correct TI Firewire chip. Runs Profire2626 M-Audio protoolsM fine- mac or XP. That's 26 chanels of 92kHz audio in and out. I forgot what i did to get it all going last year, so when I poped in the new drive- found your build. I had everything working beautifully before- just seeing what's new. i don't think i got wifi, but didn't want it. now i think i do. You got my interest with the USB header- i'd like to pop in a micro bluetoothy thingy there. free up external port. must be on mobo. do you remember the pinouts? Changing out the screen is crazy! Besides wiring, I'm thinking mounting pts/bezel etc. Please let us know how it goes. Hell- why not a touchscreen? You go! The other gripe I had was never getting the front SD reader to work in Mac. Was told none of them work cuz there is no real mac equivilent. i did have those hard shortcut buttons working, but forgot how. I get geekbench2.0 score of 3191 w/ 2.5GHz w/ 3 gigs of 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM. 32K L1, 6 MB L2, 800 MHz Bus. How much RAM does yours recognize? I can't remember if it was 3 or 4 Gigs max? I could use some faster memory...... anyway- I'm watching to see where this goes.
  4. THANKS! Fixed my Acer Extensa 5620-6266 install of IDeneb 10.5.5 so I could see my dvd drive. WOHOOOO! Thank you! removed old ioata and kexthelper'd yours. I got IDeneb on this lappy as clean install. Sweeet.