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  1. I already had iDeneb installed with the chameleon boot loader so I just experimented with the DSDT patcher and found that it works without modifying the 1.10 bios. Think you would still need cpus=1 for the initial installation.
  2. 1.10 bios for Neo2-FR is out. Anyone knows if the DSDT patcher will work on our motherboard? Edit : DSDT patcher works fine without bios mod.
  3. I ran into the same problem so I reformatted the disk using just journaled hfs instead.
  4. Do not flash to 1.9 if you have half multipliers for your cpu (7.5,8.5,9.5 etc). There are no options for half multipliers in 1.9 so you'd be running with an underclocked cpu. I tried the official 1.9 sometime back and ended up with a 7 instead of 7.5 multiplier for Q9300 and am back to 1.8.
  5. It should work. Set your dvd to master if there's only one drive on the ide controller. So far it's Leo4allv3 and iDeneb v1.3 that has the device id added to AppleVIAATA kext for the ide controller on our mainboard. Start with cpus=1 if your bios is not modded yet. If you have a supported nv card it will work. Good luck.
  6. iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5 Released!

    Try this http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...526&st=420
  7. FYI iDeneb v1.3 boots off ide dvd drives nicely. Have not got a chance to finish installation but the distro booted into the setup screen fine. Looks like a good upgrade candidate to Leo4allv3. Edit: iDeneb v1.3 runs ok after patching 10.5.5 ATI drivers with lastExile's packages found here
  8. Think it's the device ids that needs to be added on the AppleVIAATA kexts. So far I've tried all distros and only Leo4allv3 boots nicely on ide dvd drives so far. The other option is to rip out the dvd and run it on usb.
  9. Anyone tried booting successfully off the new Leo4allv5 10.5.4 Server on a IDE DVD drive?
  10. IDE dvd-rom should be working out of the box.
  11. Think you got the wrong bios. The mod Neo2-FR bios is 7345v18. I too took the plunge and now the 4 cores work fine.
  12. Is your ide rom set to master or slave? Didn't managed to get it to work with a sata ide rom combo yet but works fine on all ide.Edit : did a quick test to set ide rom to master and it booted fine all the way into the installation screen. Oh you got it working. Ignore my pm reply then.
  13. You could key in cpus=1 manually at startup or put in into com.apple.boot.plist under the kernel flag key http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Tips_And_Tricks
  14. Thanks for the tip zacman. Installed Leo4Allv3 out of the box fine into IDE HDD using IDE DVD drive on Neo2-FR. Decided not to use the hack bios for now and running with cpus=1.