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  1. Install on my sata hd from Leopard

    SeaTools DOS cd !
  2. Install on my sata hd from Leopard

    I don't have the option zero fill :s I do have it with other harddrives but not with my sata HDD
  3. Install on my sata hd from Leopard

    Hi verdant, on my sata harddrive I don't have the erase function, only on my leopard hard drive, but I don't want that ereased, it really looks I have a problem :s when I do a quick test it says passed
  4. Install on my sata hd from Leopard

    some one has an idea? The best idee to format directly? So not from a OS?
  5. Install on my sata hd from Leopard

    Now I have iDeneb and it doesn't matter what I'll use, what's the best, but the problem is I can't communicate with my hard disk anymore
  6. Install on my sata hd from Leopard

    but the problem is already in leopard, I can't see it in leopard. I have a Asus P5N-E SLI
  7. Install on my sata hd from Leopard

    but no it says it is MBR but I can't see it on my mac ! or is that normal? Because from leopard my start up disk is also mbr but I can see that hd in finder. But the sata not...
  8. Install on my sata hd from Leopard

    Hi, tried with gparted format as ntfs and fat 32 but it doesn't show up on my mac. When I go to disk utility it keeps loading while it says gathering information about your disks or something like that, but when I go to serial ata in system profiler the hd is there but it still says mbr... I'm getting desperate.. Thomas
  9. Install on my sata hd from Leopard

    Hi verdant, tried to format back to ntfs in windows setup and doesn't work anymore :s he says that he can't install windows on it, it pretends that it's formatting but when you hit next it gives the error that he can't partition the harddrive, and in my disk utility in mac it isn't also showing up properly, some times it does, sometimes it don't, when it does and I click format I got an error and then it disappears. Is it possible that I ruined my hd with formatting from ntfs to mbr or something like that? It is still showing up in the bios. Thx...
  10. Install on my sata hd from Leopard

    no I don't but I also can't format it to GUID, the problem is that my leopard can't acces the SATA HD I think! When windows was still installed on it I could read from it but then it was NTFS, but I can't format it !
  11. Hello everyone I'm now running mac OS X 10.5.4 on my IDE hard disk, but I would like to install snow Leopard on my sata hard disk from 750gb. Now, I saw a tut on youtube: this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCZQ1EqFhKQ But when I try to partition my harddisk I got a time out, and when I insert my iPc 10.5.6 disk and run the installation and go there to disk utility it sometimes partition but only as GUID and I have personally the best experience with MBR, so how could I let my mac partition my harddisk? I got this error: Operation timed out by the way, the guy from the tut is he using a distro or the original dvd? Thx guys
  12. crashes regulary and update to 10.5.8?

    Darwin d54C5242B.access.telenet.be 9.5.0 Darwin Kernel Version 9.5.0: Tue Oct 14 07:39:11 IST 2008; Voodoo; Beta 2c :xnu-1228.7.58/BUILD/obj/RELEASE_I386 i386 that is the voodoo kernel isn't it? so I have to read your guide and replace the kext?
  13. crashes regulary and update to 10.5.8?

    But how I can see my kernel? and what is the risk that I take to overwrite my excisting kernel? And if I want to update, through software update? I'm very sorry for the stupid questions
  14. crashes regulary and update to 10.5.8?

    Ok, that helps so I have to install a kernel 9.5.8 to update, but you say I can run on the vanilla kernel, so I should search for vanilla kernel 9.5.8? Install it and then just update trough software update? Or can I just update trought software update because I have the standard kernel?