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  1. Desperate for help

    Dude, relax and answer the plain question. We know you are smart, please post what you get by booting with a -v boot flag.
  2. Alright, I donated for the good cause. I would be waiting for the ppf now.
  3. Can you pm me your Paypal information. It will be a shame to have used your releases without giving anything back.
  4. Darwin Bootloader FAQ

    I triple boot with Opensuse 11, I simply pass the <<makeactive>> command when I select either Leopard or XP.
  5. 10.5.3 Experiences. Whats it break?

    I broke my system too with kaly's combo update. It just kills all process after booting and reboots.
  6. 10.5.3 is here!

    I would be careful applying the bay kaly 10.5.3 update. I have a endless reboot machine.
  7. 10.5.3 Restart and Shutdown fixes?

    Folks help me please!! . I had a perfectly fine 10.5.2 leo4all v3 running on my MX8715 Gateway. I followed the steps outlined in the Readme that accompanied the combo update from the Kaly. I have a dead system now. I have tried -f -x -s update -v, all it does is after a delay, the laptop reboots. I tried to repair the drive with macdrive, however it complains that the drive is locked. If I can I would like to recover this, can someone give me any ideas.
  8. I updated my Gateway MX8715 and no problem here.
  9. I recently installed Kalyway Leopard version 10.5.1 on my Gateway MX8715. Everything works fine except the wireless. I did a read on the forums and found that Dell 1390 wireless card is supported by Leopard. I bought a Dell 1390 mini pci express card and popped it in. My problem is that the laptop does not recognize the card. I saw programs for IBM thinkpads to unlock the Bios to accept non-OEM wireless cards. Does anyone know of a solution for Gateway laptops?
  10. Current OS X Version: 10.5.1 Install method: Kalyway Manufacturer: Gateway Model: MX8715 Motherboard : ?? Manufacturer: Gateway Model: ? Version: ? Bios Version: ?? Chipset: ICH7 Audio: Working Sigmatel 9250 LAN: appleintel8255x.kext from Leopard CD CPU Model Number: Core Duo T2060 Recognised as: 1.73GHz Memory/DDR: 4GB (2x2GB) ( Yeah Windows recognizes it as 2.99GB) Video Manufacturer: Intel Model: GMA950 Bus Type: Memory size: 64MB ( I cannot increase this.) QE/CI working: yes Resolution changeable yes SATA/IDE working: both sata disks are working Wifi & patches Wlan: Realtek 8187L does not work, I ordered a Dell 1390 PCI express) No power management
  11. Random Crashes Uphuck

    I used to have random crashes in my GMA950 based system. In the logs I saw a lot of ex2fs related lines. After uninstalling the ex2fs manager my system has not acted up in 2 days. Just my 2 cents.
  12. Gateway MX8715 dual core pentium with GMA 950 works 100% out of the box. I am using uphuck 10.4.9 . Wireless a little funky, otherwise works like a charm. Best of all I got one from tiger direct for $550.
  13. Sucesses with JaS 10.4.6...

    ZV5000 with AMD 3200 and 2GB RAM , works with Macvidia graphics drivers. Needs a USB mouse plugged in at all times. The AMD enabler patch included on the DVD did not work. Had to get it separtely. Also struggled with Macvidia drivers. Overall it seems slow.
  14. I tried this on R300z

    Anyone have an luck with r3000z. The deadmoo image works perfect with vmware but after dd'ing on a hard drive partition. I cannot boot, initially I had NV* kext problems got rid of that. Then AppleAirport* kexts deleted them too next GeForce got rid of them too. I am left still with a Kernel panic.
  15. Grub - Can anyone enlighten me?

    wingrub what is this. Anyway here is a little info, Grub is a bootloader used by Linux lately Solaris also has embraced it. That being said all you need is a grub prompt to execue commands. Without linux partitions I don't know where the menu.1st file would be, but once on grub prompt type " root (hdx,<<TAB>>) x -> a b c and <<TAB>> autocompletes. Next step is setup (hd0) , if you don't get errors you should be good to go.