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  1. Hello People,. I just installed Mavericks on my PC, everything works like a charm, but I have got a Problem with my Dock when I take my mouse cursor over my dock icons it does not show the application names and the dock becomes not bigger even if the setting is enables…do any of you have similar problems? And how did you fix it? thank you for your answers. My Graphics Card is a GTX 770 with 4GB of VRAM Never mind, I fixed it by installing the drivers for my Mouse.
  2. Hello People! I have a little Problem with my Hackintosh, Everything ist working Perfectly , but iMessage does not want to work. But the other Applications like iCloud and App Store does work perfectly, I could not test FaceTime because I have no camera at the moment. iMessage keeps saying that the connection to the server has failed... Thanks for your help. Nevermind. i fixed it myself. I messed up my Time and Date settings lol.
  3. I tried the Jmicron Kext, then my DVD Drive showed up, but marked as "burning not supported" as well the DVD player app gives me an initialising error. I have 2 Controllers the Intel 6th Series and the Jmicron GSata one but I use my intel controller.
  4. Hello InsanelyMac People! I've got a problem on my new Mountain Lion Hackintosh! I recently insalled Mountain Lion using the Kakewalk method and it worked pretty well, but the only problem i have now is that my internal HDD Drive is orange (The AHCI Block injector doesn't work) and the bigger Problem is that my DVD Drive is not recognized at all... In Lion I hadn't these kind of problems... Do you have any solution for this?
  5. Mountain Lion no HDDs available

    Already tried it... only the flash drive of the mountain lion installer shows up there... Diskutil list also shows only 1 Drive. I even tried it to turn AHCI off but it's the same result. Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion worked perfectly on that Notebook, but Mountain Lion could it require some special kexts or so? My Method was to restore the DMG to the flash drive and then install the needed kexts and bootloader with the kextinstaller
  6. Hello everyone! I'm trying to install Mountain Lion on my Notebooks 250 GB HDD... Lion works perfectly with it... Today I wanted to try out Moutain Lion and I'm able to boot the Moutain Lion Flash Drive, but it shows me no installable HDDs in my System. Could you please help me? Thank you.
  7. I solved it a few days ago anyway thanks to you all!
  8. Hello Insanelymac people! I want to register to voodooprojects.org forum to download some Chameleon 2 themes but I can't register it says always that I entered the Captcha wrong but I type the word in the right form is this a bug in their system? I tried in different Browsers no change please help me MacFreak
  9. Hello People Today I successfully installed Snow Leopard Retail on my System when everything working I Upgraded to 10.6.2 which was fine Everything was still working then I repaired the Disk Permissions via Disk Utillity then I rebootet and it says launch:msg Socket is not connected how can I fix this please help me My System ASUS P5GC-MX Core 2 Duo E4400@2GHz 2GB 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM Intel GMA 950
  10. Does OS X leopard work on my Laptop

    SO Leopard works fine everything works but the fan is a little bit loud can I fix this Problem?? and how can I use 2 Cores i Can only use 1 core
  11. Does OS X leopard work on my Laptop

    Should i apply PPF3, PPF4 and PPF5 to the ISO because i installed iPC OSX 10.5.6 PPF2
  12. Hello Everyone I recently Installed Leopard on my Laptop and everything works finde but Always I get a Kernel Panic on Boot and Shutdown only Verbose mode it boots normally why? and another Question is my Wifi Atheros AR5007EG I installed the driver and AIrport is enabled and its searching but don't find wireless networks Please Can you Help me???
  13. Does OS X leopard work on my Laptop

    Leopard Sucessfully boots BUT I get a Kernel Panic in Normal mode I'm always Booting in Verbose mode and when I Shutdown I got also a Kernel Panic Why??? And when I Install the Wifi driver for my Atheros AR5007EG Airport search but no Wireless networks founds and please don't ignore this thread here. this is the best OSX86 forum.
  14. Does OS X leopard work on my Laptop

    So Now I installed iPC OSX86 The Installation was FINE BUT at the first boot ist says Mac Framework Sucessfully initialized and then it STOPS Why please Help me I want leopard on my laptop!!!!!
  15. Does OS X leopard work on my Laptop

    So now I have the iPC 10.5.6 DvD and I want it to install but get Sill waiting for Root Device I know this error because I have a SATA DVD ROM Drive so how can I Install OS X From a USB Pendrive?????